3)"My Everything"

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The clock ticked 7:00 in the evening. It was time to feed Pep, Your dog. You filled  its bowl with its food and left it where it usually comes to eat. 

You went out and checked if Pep had its food. But no,the food remained as it was when you left it. This creeped you out. You ran to check Pep. Ah! Finally, you found him in his doghouse. You called out his name "Pep! Pep! Come on boy!" but, Pep never reacted. This was unusual. He'd always come running to the sound of your voice. Something was wrong.

You called Justin, he was in the middle of a recording. So he took the phone in a hurry and said "Baby, in a recording. Hurry. What is it? ASAP." You said "Pep isn't waking up. He's not moving. I'm scared.. What should I do?" and you broke down on the phone. Justin said "Baby, I'm coming home in 5 minutes. I'm almost done. So, just relax. Calm down. Breathe.I'm coming." You tried to calm down and relax, but you kept crying.

"(Your name) Where are you?, I'm home!" Justin shouted. You ran towards him and showed him Pep. He quickly carried Pep to the Pet Vet. The doctor wanted Justin to be inside and he wanted you to wait outside. Justin came outside, with a very worried look. He said "Pep has gone back to where he first came from.. Baby, don't cry. Don't stress too much, cuz you get sick." You couldn't hold it in, You screamed and pulled his shirt and cried on his chest. He took you home.

"Baby, Please. He's alive in our hearts. Don't cry, Relax." Justin said. "I Love him so much...." you said. He started rubbing your hands and you fell asleep. 

Next day, Justin woke you up saying "Babe, I got somethin' for you" and you got up and said "Mmhm" in a low voice. He led you to the living room. You saw Two Beautiful dogs, crawling on the couch. You were so happy. And they had collars which had "Pep" and "Peppy" You hugged Justin and said "I love you, and I don't know how to prove it" and cried. He said "It's okay. I'm happy if you're happy" You guys went and played with the dogs. Oh how you love him. He's the sweetest person on the planet, and nobody can deny it. He's your everything, only your everything forever. 

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