24) A Really Romantic game Ⓡ (Aka-ARRG)

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Your POV:

Justin was home after a long long time. We had dinner together and we kept talking for a long time. I wanted him all the time, so it was like I never needed his attention. This time, I want him to go crazy for me. Once in a while, it's nice to have dominance. ;) So I tried alot and put alot of effort into my body, it's like too hot, I can't believe it's mine! :3

"Justin! I'm going to bed babe! Wanna join me?" I asked him, from upstairs. He was watching some spooky movie. He said "No babe! This movie is about to finish in a few minutes. I'll join you soon!". I knew what to do.

I was wearing black bra and panties, it's a part of the plan yeah. I walked downstairs, and stood in front of the TV. He tried to see through me and never realised I'm standing in front of him. I said "So.. I'm gonna sleep alone tonight, huh?" and he looked at me. 

He was clearly surprised. Another second, and he'll be having his drool all over the couch! Haha! "No, babe I'm coming!" He yelled and threw the remote. I pushed him away and said "No babe.. You watch the movie. I'm gonna go to bed." and he picked me up and said "Ssh! I changed my mind and I just know what to do."

I was doing the evil laugh in my mind. Yes finally! He put me down on the bed and I ran to my side on all fours and grabbed the comforter. I put it on myself and covered myself. I said "Goodnight baby!" and you should look at his face! 

He moved closer to me and said "Baby no! We've got lots of time to sleep.. We should play something.. Something romantic." I laughed and said "Play what?" and he pulled me by my waist and said "Let me show you how you do it." 

"Hey! No!" I said, and pushed him away. He did his famous puppy dog face. I was telling to myself- Don't look at him. Don't lose. Girl, DON'T! Don't lose.. Don't look at him in the eyes!! DONT! And had his hand on my chin, lifting it up to see his beautiful hazel eyes. I looked away and said "Make me play it." 

He said "Huh? That's all? Piece of cake!" and hovered over me, while undressing himself and pulled away the comforter. He looked at me up and down and he said "Wow. I didn't know you worked on this. That's some sexy stuff baby." and I pushed him away.

He pinned my hands down and pushed me against the bed. He moved up against me and kissed my neck, really soft. I tried to hard to get out of his grip but I couldn't. He had my hands pinned down on his. 

He said "Relax girl. You wanna get out of my grip?" and he released me. I took the chance and pulled him down and I got on top of him. I hugged him and said "Goodnight." and he was getting so frustrated, because he wanted me! YES! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! JUSTIN BIEBER WANTS ME! Nuh-uh, calm down girl. 

He whispered "Please baby. Please Please Please! Don't play me like this.. No. I need you please. You started it.. You complete it girl, please. I'm dying for your affection and I need your attention." I nodded and said "mmhm? Come on boy, let's play something really romantic!" and his face looked so bright, It was clear that he needed me so desperately. 

I laid down flat and he hovered over me, pinning me down again. He kissed me slowly in the neck. He moved further down.. The room was beginning to get so hot, the sheets were already wet. He kissed every single millimetre of my skin. He said "Found it" and damn it I was weak there. I moaned. He kissed my stomach and rested his head on it, to catch his breath. It tickled me and I laughed. 

He released my hands, which was pinned down with his own. He moved his hands playfully around my sides, brushing them smoothly. I had goosebumps. Oh god. All I could see was his face disappearing and getting buried inbetween my legs, at my centre. His grip on my waist became tight and he was holding my waist so I can't move. 

He removed the soft cotton cloth that was covering my womanhood. I felt uncomfortable because I was fully naked in my other half, since he never bothered to remove something up here. (Brassiers) He kissed it. He kissed it again. He kissed again, but this time I felt like a knife was stabbed there. I screamed, not knowing it was his tongue.

He looked up at me, and searched my eyes for rejections or anything that explains to him that it's actually paining. I closed my eyes. So he couldn't see them, if he did he'd figure it out and stop. He used his tongue like a whip, and eating me out. He moved up again, after he kissed it again. 

He rested his face in the crook of my neck, and kissed it gently. He didn't remove my brassiers because I think he knew I'd be uncomfortable. I've never been naked in front of him, Never. He brushed my hair out of the face and looked directly into my eyes.

Aww, this was akward. I'm feeling shy, and I blushed so hard. He smiled and said "You ready?" and I replied "Are you?" and we both said "No!" together and he pushed himself into me. I screamed so loud, the kid opposite to our house, started crying and I could hear it. 

He stopped and said "Are you okay? Trust me, you'll feel much better at the end of this." and I said "I hope so!" and I put my hands around him, scratching his back, leaving marks, and he was getting in and out of me faster.. The pain slowly faded away.. And got replaced by nothing but pure pleasure. 

"Like this now?" he asked me, I said "Yes! Yes!" and I kept calling out his name and he'd reply yes. "Go faster!" I said, impatiently. He smiled and and he did what I said. He kept hitting the special place every time, and he knew that both of us won't last anymore. 

He thrusted deep inside me, one last time, while he was determined to bring me over the edge of pleasure. He reached his climax, even before he could finish his last. I did reach my climax too, after a second he reached his.

He collapsed on my chest, laying his head on my breastbone. He was out of breath and he said "I..Love..You!" that was really cute and romantic. I told him "I love you too" and kissed his forehead. The sheets were soaking wet.. It was like someone spread it out when it just got dumped in water. 

He never moved for another 15 minutes. He stayed there, and placed his hands on my sides. This felt really special. I could feel him smiling. I smiled too. He then pulled himself up, and laid down beside me. 

He wrapped his hands around my chest and rested his head in the crook of my neck. I slowly fell asleep. I remember that he kept drawing hearts, and I LOVE YOUs on my bare back. I smiled in my sleep. Oh gosh, how I love him. 

Next Morning: 

"Good morning beautiful" Justin said. Getting up from the bed. He leaned and pecked my lips. I saw him stretch and OH! WOW! HIS ABS! OH MY GAWD. I kept staring, without knowing that he was watching me. He moved closer and said "Like what you see? Now babe, get up and give me a hug and kiss, I'mma go shower." 

I tried getting up, but I couldn't. My legs were numb. My centre? I had a feeling that it was ripped. It was so difficult moving. I told "Umm, Justin? Help me get up. Please?" and he laughed. "What's wrong baby girl?" and I replied "Well, someone was really hard on me yesterday.. I can't get up. I bet I won't be able to walk." 

He picked me up from bed but I said "Wait! Wait! Let me cover myself.." and he said "Really? Like I've never seen you naked?" I chuckled and wrapped the still wet bed sheets over me. He picked me up and he spun me around and we played like that for a second. 

I told him "Justin! Justin! Drop me for a second, I gotta redo this, It's coming out!" and he said "Drop you?" and I said "No! NO! Put me down slowly!" and he jerked, like he dropped me. I held tightly onto him and I said "Don't!" and he said "Never." and smiled. 

He put me down and I wrapped the sheet around me again. We heard the doorbell ring. One thing for sure is that it's definitely not our family. But maybe it's our friends? Justin said "Quick babe" and I said "Wait!" and before I finished.. He picked me up and ran down. 

He said "Open the door babe" and I said "Okay" and I opened the door. We both were shocked at who was at the door. We looked at each other's faces. 

"Hi!" xoxo said. 

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