43) "So Fly" (For Trisha)

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Trisha's P.O.V:

'Okay. Calm down Trish, come on. You're making your life better today. You're gonna study in a college in America, and you're gonna settle there. Keep cool.' I thought to myself, as I sighed and walked into my flight to Washington. From the time I've checked in, its been really frustrating. My parents aren't with me, and they're sending me all alone to Washington, but I don't mind. 

The air hostess helped me find my seat, and I put my hand luggage into the storage bins above our heads, and took my seat. I couldn't think of leaving my home. This is home. This is where I belong. But, for my career, I need to go to Washington.

There was about 20 more minutes for the departure of the plane. I plugged in my ear phones, and switched on the music. A minute later, the air hostess came up to me, and said "Maam, I'm afraid there has to be a change of seat. Your seat has been swapped with the one there.." She said, pointing to the corner seat, at the end. I was really annoyed. Being somewhere close to the end of the flight, or being near the wings gave me a head-ache that usually lasts about a day, even with proper medicines. 

"Oh no, can I please retain this? I don't want a change of seat. I'm comfortable, here." I replied. She sighed, and said "Maam, since you didn't prefer a seat, we usually place you somewhere. There was a mistake, and another person had already reserved this." I was at the edge of my tolerance. I told her "As long as I don't have a problem, or get thrown out of this plane, I'm fine." Although I lied. *Sigh*

I got up, and moved back to where my seat was. I saw a young man, totally absorbed by his mobile phone. Don't these people know they've got to switch off all the devices when they're inside a plane? Although they say it is applicable only during take-offs and landings, I prefer being safe by keeping it all off until we land. 

I cleared my throat, and watched his head snap up. He was wearing a hoodie, and some dark shades, I couldn't figure out who he was. But I could smell his perfume, ooh wonderland. "Excuse me? That's my seat." I said, all out of patience. "Oh" He replied, and moved to his real seat, next to me. I sat down, and switched on my music again. 

A few minutes later, I heard the announcements from the cabin crew, and the 'Fasten Seatbelt' sign was on. I switched off everything, and buckled up. Meanwhile, this dude was still sucked into his phone. I looked at him and said "Look" pointing to the sign 'Fasten Seatbelt'. He smiled at me, and buckled up. 

There were kids in front of me, screaming and crying during take-off and a guy who played music loudly. I was so annoyed. Ugh.. Thinking of it, I choked. I called the air-hostess, after she didn't respond, to all those countless number of times I pressed the button for water. She had a grudge on me, I did too. She never turned up. Damn her. 

This guy next to me handed over his water to me, and I took it, because I would've died on choking. I told him "Thank you." and He nodded. Why can't he say something? Like he's an alien or something. His hand was on MY hand rest, putting beats to some song he was listening to. I didn't notice his watch getting tangled with my ear phones, and when he took his hand from the hand rest bar, he pulled out my ear phones from ears, as well as the cord out from the iPod. He whispered "I'm so sorry, let me help, wait.." and tried taking my ear phones out of his watch's frame. 

He very very successfully- failed. I told him "Wait." and did it by myself. When I was taking out the knots, I observed something familiar. His watch, seemed familiar, especially the 'X' tattoo underneath that. Suddenly, it reminded me of Justin Bieber. I quickly switched on my phone, and browsed for his picture. He was looking at what I was doing, but not enough to know that it was Justin Bieber i was searching for. I found it, and yep, I was right. Maybe he is Justin Bieber? Maybe not. But I'm a Belieber! Omg! 

Again, he was back to his phone. Nobody ever turned up to tell him or ask him to switch off his phone. I glanced at him, and I found him tweeting- 'Its gonna be a long ride. :(' . My phone immediately buzzed, and I knew it was him. I freaked out. I did. And out of nowhere, my alarm was on, and started ringing. The alarm wasn't exactly an alarm! It was a Justin Bieber song! Damn it! It was 'Baby' and He immediately looked at me. I smiled, although I was embarassed. 

"You know, I know that guy who sang that song.." He said, as he started a conversation. "I know too." I said, in reply. He nodded, and said "Really?". I nodded yes, and said "He's right in front of me." He immediately shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "Don't worry, I won't scream, or tell em' you're Justin Bieber" I continued, as I whispered quietly. He mouthed a 'Thank you' and smiled. 

He asked me "So, what brings you to Washington?" and looked curious. "Well, College.." I replied. "Are you alone?" He asked me. "Nope, everybody on this plane knows me very well." I told him. He chuckled and said "That means 'Yes I'm alone'!" I giggled along with him, and calmed myself down. We started talking of random things, and didn't stop. We kept talking like there is nobody else to share our experiences with. 

He suddenly said "I think I misplaced my phone, can you help me find it umm, wait, what is your name?!" And I replied- "Trisha". He smiled and said "Yes, Trisha, will you help?" and I nodded. He said "Wait, let me dial my number and maybe we can find it." and pointed to my phone. I gave it to him, and he called his own mobile. It was right in his pocket! "You joked, right?" I asked him. "Yeah, but I wanted your number, but I was scared you wouldn't give it to me.." He replied. I blushed like crazy and smiled. 

As soon as the plane landed, I went back to my earlier seat to take my hand luggage that I left in the storage bin. When I was back, he was gone. I was so mad, and broken. Its not like I love him or something but I don't think its polite to leave someone hanging like that. What an idiot. I ran out of the flight in anger, and walked straight through the airport.  I stood near the exit, to gather the address and stuff. I felt someone grab my arm, and pull me towards the restroom (or bathroom).

"Hey! What are you-" I started only to get interrupted by Justin. Why did he come back? Huh? Why? "You thought I left you, didn't you Trisha?" He questioned me. I nodded yes and replied- "Ofcourse yes, I did. You're capable of that." Oops, maybe that was a little extra. He chuckled and said "I'm sorry, I was taken by my bodyguards.. And it ain't my fault the media makes you think I'm bad and 'Capable of leaving' someone.." 

I couldn't help but smile. I said "Sorry, I took it too far.." and He said "Its fine". I quickly started moving out, as I said "We gotta go, they're gonna think we're up to something.." and He grabbed my arm. He replied "Then lets make it true, eh?". I laughed and said "What?!" but before I could say anything, I was pushed against the wall, pressed onto tightly by his handsome self, and kissed by his lips. It was so warm, and I enjoyed it. I haven't felt that in a while..

"Oh shit.." I said. "I wanted to do that since I gave you my water. I saw how your lips were around the mouth of the bottle, and I couldn't help it, I'm sorry- I" He continued, but I kissed him again like an idiot. He chuckled and I did too. Oh come on, who wouldn't want to kiss those lips? Everygirl would want to rip em' right off. "Did I tell you, you look so fly?" He said, and I blushed. "Why, thank you. You're the flyest of them all.." I replied. He held my hands and said "I'd like to take you out. And it starts now." I nodded and he pulled me out of the bathroom, dragging me out of the airport. 


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