30) "Storybook Ending" Part 2 Ⓡ (For Baylie)

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This is the second part of "Storybook Ending". I suggest you read the first part, before you continue reading this chapter.

"Oh my god Justin!" You blurted, as soon as you landed in the city of love, Paris, for your honeymoon. He said "What?" and you said "There's lipstick wherever I kissed!" He stared at you and smiled. He said "That's fine. Those are my wife's kisses." and walked into the airport, out of the plane. 

Paparazzis. Shit. You were wearing a hoodie, and black glasses, so people don't find out. Justin too was wearing a hoodie, with a cap, and glasses. You both were walking super-fast through the crowd. You couldn't stand the situation, so you hid your face on Justin's chest, and he very protectively covered your face. 

One of them Paparazzis, asked "What's up Justin?" and Justin replied "The sky dude." Slowly others started saying things, like "Mrs Bieber, show us your pretty face." and "Is she your wife, or someone else?" and dirty stuff. One of them also said "Have a good honeymoon" to you both and you said "Thank you!" and got into the car. 

Justin removed his glasses, and said "That was shitty." and you replied "Now they know." You both kept silent for a while. He said "Babe, we should ignore them. Look, I don't wanna mess our honeymoon! We're going to fun, I promise." You shook your head and said "Yep!" and hugged each other. You slowly removed all those lipstick marks from his face. 

A little later, the driver said "We have reached the destination Sir." and Justin said "Oh great, Baylie? Come on.." but you were asleep. He chuckled and said "Baylie, wake up, we're there." into your ears. You said "Five more minutes! Oh PLEASE!" And he whispered in a husky voice, "You don't wanna miss the fun babe." and you immediately sat up and said "Yes?" and moved out of the car. 

You both walked into this five-star, luxury hotel- 'Plaza Athenee' the finest hotel in Paris. The staffs of the hotel welcomed you both and you smiled back. Justin headed to the reception, and said "I had booked a suite for 8 days. The name is Justin Bieber." and got the key to your room.

You were observing everything as you went into the elevator. Justin was pretty cool in the elevator. You were the one tensed. He said "Whoa, relax babe." and you said "What? Relax? It's too high!" and continued "How come you're so cool!?" and he replied "Cuz I don't care when my baby is here." You hugged him tight, and before  you could kiss, you arrived. 

He found the suite, and said "Here we go" and opened the door. He said "Ladies first" and pushed you inside. You said "Oh my.. Bie..- No sorry." and he said "Oh my? Oh my what babe? My what?" and winked at you. He continued "Bieber?" and you said "No, No, I said.. Oh my believe!" and he didn't believe you. "What kind of word is that behind 'Oh My'? Babe, you said Bieber." he argued. You said "Yes I did! Is that a problem Mr.Bieber?" and he replied "Nope, not at all Mrs.Bieber." and leaned in to kiss you, but you moved. 

"Baylie, come back here!" He said, running after you. You explored the rooms, as you ran. You ran into the bedroom, and unfortunately, it had only one exit. Justin was already inside. He said "Well, Well, Well.. Seems like you ran into the perfect spot, for some games." and you said "What? No! Justin!" and he removed his Jacket, his cap, and his glasses and threw them. He walked towards you, and you know what is going to happen.

You walked backwards, and fell onto the bed. He said "Great. On the bed already?" and ran to you, jumping onto the bed. He said "Gotcha!" when you actually escaped the room, and laughed at him. He said "Baylie, please. This is isn't funny anymore. You don't know what's coming when I get you." and ran to you. You were shocked, and you couldn't escape. Too late.

He picked you up, and you screamed "Justin!! Put me down!!" and he said "That's what I'm gonna do.. 'Imma Put You Down'" He sang. He threw you on the bed and said "Baylie, you've been a bad girl lately.." You whined and said "No" dragging the O. He said "Yep, You've been very very bad. Bad, I mean Bad." and he leaned down, to kiss you, when you pushed him and ran. 

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