56) "Mutual Feelings" (For Mya) Ⓡ

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Mya's P.O.V:

I and Justin, my boyfriend were at home, feeling bored and lazy. I had no idea what to do, because I was too lazy to think of what to do. Justin too, was the same case like me. We whiled away the whole day, and we had a few errands to run. I pushed the grocery shopping for tomorrow, and decided that we'd wash the clothes, and change the bed covers today. I took up the work of throwing the clothes into the washing machine, and he agreed to change the bed sheets. 

I gathered a huge pile of dirty clothes, both belonging to me and him. I pushed all of them inside the machine, but one shirt caught my eye. His white full sleeve shirt. I pulled it out, and inhaled his scent. I remember he wore this shirt 2 days ago for a dinner with some people. Justin had pulled a prank on me last week, and I wanted to get him back for that. And I got the perfect idea. I sneaked into our room, without him noticing me. I grabbed my red lipstick, and applied it on my lips. I pressed my lips to the collar of his shirt, and did the same randomly wherever I wanted to, until the color faded away. As soon as I was done, I wiped off the lip color of my lips, so that he wouldn't notice. 

I quickly went back to where I was, and stood near the machine. I got myself fake- angry, and tried being so pissed. I yelled "Justin! Justin Drew Bieber, get your butt back here!" and I giggled silently. "What? What's wrong?" He asked me, running closer to me. "What is this?!" I asked him, and looked at him, with my pissed face. I pointed at the lip-color stains, and asked him again "They're all lipstick stains, Justin. Some girl has kissed you the wrong way!" I pretended to be so angry. 

The look on his face, oh my god, that's priceless! He was so nervous, and he looked like he was about to explode! I had the urge to laugh uncontrollably at that face of his! Haha! "Answer me!" I snapped again. I then decided to quit playing, and tell him not to worry. He's such a baby! My baby. "Justin I was just pla-" I started, only to get cut off by him "I'm sorry, It was a mistake, I was just so caught up in the moment, she-" He said. Those words kicked off that smile of my face, and replaced it with a frown, and a face full of confusion.

"Wait, what? You-you mean its real?!" I asked him, and his eyes widened. "What do you mean- Oh shit." He whispered, as his thumb rubbed off a little red lip-color from the corner of my lip. "Justin! Are you seriously telling me that some girl kissed you!?" I snapped at him, for real this time. How could he do this? What am I not enough for him? Or is it my fault that I'm crazily in love with him? 

"Its true, Mya.. When I went for dinner, wearing this shirt, I-" He started. "You what?!?" I yelled at him. I hated it when he kissed models for his videos itself and now he kissed another girl? I can't believe this. I can't! I just can't! "But nothing happened! I promise! Its true she kissed me, but nothing else happened baby!" He said, pulling me closer to him. "How am I supposed to believe you? You told me you would never think of another girl, but instead you kissed one! And now you're telling me nothing happened, but it could've happened too!" I spat at him, with a tear or two rolling down my cheeks. 

"I'm sorry, baby, we only kissed." He said, trying to hug me. "Don't touch me! You 'only kissed' her huh?" I said, anger evident in my tone. He tried to hold me tightly, but I yelled "Don't you touch me ever again! Move!" and I pushed him with all my force, but he wouldn't move a muscle. "I'm telling you, I'm sorry! Don't be a bitch Mya!" He spat at me now, pushing me away from him. I landed far away from him, on the floor, with my shoulder hurting. I can't believe he hit me. He's the one who says 'Treat your girl right' and 'Don't hurt a woman'. All that talk is now dead! "Oww!" I said, and groaned. I managed to get up by myself, while he watched me. I walked over to him and slapped him hard across the cheek, as I whispered "We're over. I'm leaving tomorrow!" He winced from pain. I'm sorry, but he deserved it. 

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