74) "Queen Of Cars, King of Hearts." Ⓡ (For Natasha)

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"Wow..." you breathed out, as your eyes found this familiar street down in Miami that was always lonely at nights, now completely lit up by these harsh car head lights.

You drove past all these Ferraris, Mercedes, and all kinds of monstrous cars with loud music, fancy bumpers and lights. You found your friends among the crowd that gathered, and stopped next to them.

"Yo, Whazzup Nat?" One of the guys spoke to you, as he looked at your newly waxed white Ferrari.

"Just warmin' up for the race!" You spoke with confidence, and began to chat with the rest of the people who had gathered to watch and take part in the race.

Yes, Drag racing. You got it right. In this digital world Girls can't race? Damn opinions. We're just as talented as these guys are. You've been going drag-racing for a couple of months now, and it mostly happens late at nights, on weekends.

Today was just another race, and you were hoping you don't get caught. Because the last time you went drag racing, the police caught you and you spent a night in jail. Apart from that, drag racing is actually fun. It's not for girlies who play with Barbie dolls but for girls who like thrill and want adrenaline to rush through their veins. No offense, though.

You stood against your car, as you watched all these rich and spoiled celebrities join the race. But then, one of them caught your eye. This guy had gold chains around his smoothly carved chest, black shades covering his eyes, and lowly hanging pants that revealed his boxers. His head was covered by a snapback and a hoodie, completely covering his true identity. Bottom line, he was hot as hell.

He stood against his yellow Ferrari just like you did, and shot you looks from across the road. You turned away, and gathered at the centre, where everyone placed their bets. Everyone placed affordable prices, while this rich ass dude simply said "Ten thousand dollars" in his smooth, silky voice. Everyone stood there wide-eyed, wondering if he was being serious.

Soon after that, everybody got into their positions. This guy was right behind you and you knew you were gonna beat all of these arses. Even the money doesn't matter to you, but winning and the adventure that brings is all that matters to you.

A brunette with shorts stood in front of all the cars, and waved a long piece of some kind of fabric. Immediately, all the cars roared to life, and sped down the road like lightning across the sky. Your foot kissed the accelerator pedal without hesitation, and your hands gripped the wheel with lots of determination.

Everything was a blur, except the curves in the road. Just as you continued speeding down the road, with hardly another 50 meters to win, you slowly found this rich guy gaining on you. He was visible only in your peripheral vision, which means he was only close to you. You made smart turns, and blocked his way so he couldn't over take you.

You grinned in success, when you crossed the finish line but just then, his Yellow Ferrari kissed your white one. Anger grew in the pit of your stomach knowing very well that he hit your car with intentions.

You knew that if at all you stopped and got out of the car to get your prize, this guy would end up dead by you. You stopped for a moment to make sure everyone knew you were the winner, and sped away to your house that was only a few more blocks away.

You were in frustration, that some damn rich ass guy had the nerve to hit your car just because he didn't win. You drove wildly, not caring if you crashed taking the long route to your house. But just as you drove, you witnessed the same Yellow Ferrari that hit you, following you.

To make sure he was really intentionally following you, you circled the whole neighborhood. And yes, he was following you. The lefts, the rights, he did everything you did.

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