The clock ticked 8:00 PM. You and Justin, were sitting on the dinner table. You guys were eating Fondue for desert.

You felt like throwing up and said "Hey, I.. uh.. feel a little sick. I'm gonna be right back." and Justin said "Mmhm" with an already concerned look. You were leaning against the wall, and throwing up really badly.It was almost 10 minutes since you went to the bathroom. You didn't come back.

So Justin hurried to the bathroom and he saw you there, still throwing up. Justin said "Baby, I think you're really sick. Do you want me to take ya to the doc?" You said "Nah.. I think i'll be okay. It's the food."

Justin came inside, and took you by the hand and led you to the couch. You sat down. He came and sat beside you.

You were almost asleep, on his chest.. When you had to throw up again. You ran to the bathroom, and started throwing up. Justin was sleeping on the couch, because He was tired too. You managed to walk out of the Bathroom, but you were too weak to come back to the couch.One flash and you fainted.

Justin wakes up and screams "(Your name) and he found you on the floor. He got worried and he picked you up and laid you down on the bed. He splashed some water on your face and he poured glucose.

You woke up. And you asked "What happened?" and he said "Baby, you fainted." He kissed your forehead and holds your hand and sings Be alright. You fell asleep. You woke up and took your phone, to see the time. It showed "7:10 am". You turned aside, and saw Justin sleeping, holding your waist, as well as smiling.

He said "Good morning Baby girl" and smiled. You said "Good morning and.." Justin asked "And what?" and you said "I feel much better!" he smiled and said "Mmhm.Thank Dr. Bieber" You laughed and he kissed you. 

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