7)"A Prank that went wrong"

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*haaaaw* You yawned with your eyes tightly closed. Justin was sitting on the couch and watched you get sleepy.

He giggled and said "Wanna go to sleep?". You said "Yeahh, I guess. I'm gonna have a date with the bed Haha..".

He said "In this outfit?" pointing to your outfit. Admit it will you?, You were wearing a black see through dress that you wore to a party with Justin two hours ago. So you said "What should I do?". Justin said in a husky voice- "If you're not changing into something else, I'll make a promise I can't keep, That I promise to behave." You laughed and Ran upstairs.


Okay, this was really amazing. She looked so gorgeous with that dress. But I can't promise I would have behaved, because that really changed my mood already. Anyways. I feel like playing a prank on her. She'd take time to dress up (To SLEEP, Haha) and I can get things ready fast.  So this is what I'm gonna do- I'm gonna switch off the lights, and Play a scary bit of music. I'm gonna wear the mask I bought for halloween but I didn't use it. I'm gonna see if she's gonna scream my name or handle it. Pray for her, Haha.

                                                              (End of POV)

"Justin!" you screamed. "I'm ready baby, let's go to sleep!" You said. He never answered, So you yelled out "Justin! If you're not coming up, I'm not gonna let you inside our room!". He didn't answer.

You went downstairs and looked for him.

You switched on the lights, but they didn't work. Justin was hiding behind you. He almost laughed, but he just kept quiet. You said "Babyyy, Where are you?" and You finally got frustrated. You uttered "I gotta get ready to kick some Bieber Butt."

Justin giggled behind you. You didn't even know. You checked for him in the Kitchen and when you came back, weird music was playing.

You said "Oh my god. Is this house haunted?" to yourself. After that, you felt something rough touching your waist, and blowing your hair.

You screamed, and screamed and Yelled "Justin! Justin, I need you where are you?" But you kicked him right in his most important part.

He screamed and yelled "(Your name) Oh my gawd What the hell did you do? Baby it hurts!" and you quickly took off his mask.

You said "Oh My God Justin? I'm so sorry babe!" He said "Uh-huh, I was playing! You better make it up to me baby" Justin was so cute when he was rolling on the floor. But HEY! Snap out of it. He was in pain! So you quickly ran to the fridge and got Ice. He said "Are you kidding me? What are you waiting for? Give it to me!" You laughed and gave it to him.

He said "Baby, do you like kids?" You nodded yes. He added "Umm, I'm certainly doubtful about having some becuz you hit me hard" and he laughed. Then he sat up and said "I need to sleep Oh My God, it's killing me."

You took him to the room and said "I'm Sorry, Baby" He said "You're So gonna be paying for that." You said "Right, And We need to get a new bed." He said "Why?", You said "Because When I make it up to you, We'll break the bed into two." You both laughed and drifted off to sleep.

- *Can't Stop thinking of You Justin <3" 

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