“Take 41, Ready? Action!” The director said and Justin started acting. He was on a yacht, shooting for his latest song about freedom. The shoot was almost over, but the last scene was pending. It was a sunset scene.

As soon as the shoot was over, they shifted him into a water scooter (Used to Jet Ski) and he happily sped over the water. After a few seconds, he lost control of the vehicle, and he fell into the water.

He fell deep into the sea water, that even the crew couldn’t spot him. They tried searching for him but they couldn’t. They called the police and the marine police to find him.

Chelsea’s POV:

I’ve been swimming in the water free, and happily like never before! I don’t know if it’s because I’m a mermaid or because things are in my favor. I’m so happy! When I was on my way to a friend’s home deep down the sea, I saw someone, falling down, drowning. (See the Media -->)

I went near that person and it was a boy. He looked really nice, like every girl’s dream boy! He looked like he was rich and he had his eyes closed. I didn’t know what to do, because I’m a mermaid and I can breathe underwater. He’s a human and he can’t.

I quickly pulled his hand and held it. I felt a little uneasy because I’ve never touched a boy before. I pulled him and I swam so fast, under the sea like a lightning. I reached the shore line, the other side, where an abandoned island is. No one comes there.

I pulled him up and laid him on a rock. He was as cold as ice. I rubbed his hands and pulled off his shoe. I saw feet! Human feet! I touched it and it was kind of funny. I rubbed it and I checked his pulse. He was alive.

I pulled his hands and kept it somewhere near his lungs and pressed it until he started coughing up all the water he drank. I then performed rescue breathing; we do that instead of the victim, to bring his breathing back. I pressed my lips hard against his and I felt funny and different.

He was really cute, handsome, in human terms ‘hot’. It felt like I was falling for him. I did 30 chest compressions, keeping my hands on his breastbone, I could feel him breathing. I took my hands off of him and backed off a little.

He coughed and sat up, looking around. I said “Hi, you drowned.. and I saved you” He looked confused and he said “Thank you so much.. You’re?” I replied- “Chelsea. What is your name?” He looked more curious and confused, as though he is really famous and someone said I don’t know who you are. “Justin. Justin Bieber” He said, trying to get up. He was squeezing his eyes and it looked as though he was trying to realize something like he was in a dream. “Why are you doing that?” I asked, looking at him. “It’s hilarious! But I don’t see your legs, you look like you’re a mermaid!” he said, chuckling.

I was getting uncomfortable. I blurted out “I’m a mermaid. For real!!” and he laughed at me. “Yeah, Yeah you’re a mermaid. Right. Phew! Technology these days!” he said and laughed.

“Yeah right. You know what? I should’ve left you the way you were. You would’ve drowned to death.” I said getting back into the water. He chased me and said “Are you serious? We don’t believe in mermaids!” I looked red and I said “Fine. Don’t believe. You’re going to be alone in this island. No one will ever come here. Have fun Justin Beebar!”

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