15) "She..She talked!" (For Janith)

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"Janith baby, What's Isabella doing?" Justin asked you on the phone. You were married to Justin Bieber, and you have a 3 year old daughter named Isabella. She's 3, but she hasn't spoken one word yet.  "She's watching her daddy sing 'Baby' on the TV" you said, laughing. "I miss you both, especially Isabella. I want her in my arms now. I can't wait to see you guys tonight" he said. "Okay baby, Isabella's crying, i gotta go see her now" you said and cut the call.

"Isabella baby, why are you crying?" you asked her. She was hugging the TV, and screamed and cried, every time Justin's face popped up. You understood, she wanted her daddy. You held her, and said "Isabella guess what? Daddy's coming home tonight!" you said. "Nya Nya!! Kiinnnya kyu nyaa ahh" she said. You never understood, so you just kept brushing her hair.

9:00 PM:

*Ding-Dong* the doorbell rang. You knew it was your husband Justin Bieber. You opened the door, and he quickly hugged you and said "Janith! I missed you so much babe!" kissing you. "Sssh, SHH! We have a kid, she's sleeping. She waited for you all day and fell asleep on the couch. "Oh my sweetie" he said, looking at her sleeping. "How come she looks exactly like you? And it's like I have no relation?" you said, laughing and punching his arm playfully. 

He silently tip-toed towards Isabella and laid down beside her. He wrapped his arms around her, and suddenly, she moved. She pulled herself up, until she her head was leaning on Justin's chest. Justin stayed still, so she wouldn't wake up from her deep sleep. She held onto Justin's white shirt, holding it really tight. 

It was 3 hours since Justin came home. Isabella's hands were tightly holding Justin's shirt. It was so clear, that if he moved, she'd wake up. "Baby, are you going to stay like this all night?" you asked. "Yes Janith. I guess she missed me alot, now she's holding onto me like this, I'm gonna sleep here. You go upstairs and get some sleep." Justin said quietly. "Okie, love ya" you said, kissing him on his forehead.

Next Morning 8:12 AM

"nya nya, wee wee, jobobobo" Isabella said, not realising it was her daddy behind her. She started kicking her legs, when Justin turned her around and said "Sssh, Shh baby, it's me your daddy" and he hugged her. She immediately hugged him, and started crying. He carried her around the house, and decided to take her out for a walk. He went out on the road, well, people did take pictures, but it didn't bother him much.

He came back, and you said "Breakfast's ready!". You guys showered, helped Isabella shower too, and ate your breakfast. Suddenly, Scooter called. He wanted you, Justin, and Isabella in a TV show, in 10 minutes. Justin agreed and you guys got ready. 


"Welcome to the YOLO show. Today we have the very famous, and talented Justin Bieber, and his family. The interviewer asked you guys so many questions, you guys played games and suddenly he asked this question, To Isabella! I mean, no one knows Isabella didn't talk yet! He asked "So, Isabella, who's your favourite? Daddy or Mommy?" and Isabella said nothing.

The interviewer waited and waited and finally she blurted out something. You and Justin didn't want the world to know, because it would affect her future, if they knew. Isabella screamed "Daa-dee!! Jasthin Beebur" and You said "Say it again baby?!" and she said it again! "Daa-dee! Jasthin Bee-bur" Justin's eyes were filled with tears. He didn't want to show it, So he said "Would you want to sing Baby with me Issie?" he said, and Isabella started singing along.

Soon, the show ended.


"Janith! Would you believe?? Isabella talked! She said my name!" Justin said, carrying Isabella, and with his eyes wet. "Yes baby she did. I can't believe it!" you said, patting Isabella. You asked her "Do you like Daddy or Mommy?" and she said "Daa-dee, Daa-dee, Noo mommeee" Justin cheered and danced around the whole house. You said "Say mommy? Say mommy?" and she said "Daa-dee, Daa-dee" again and again. Justin said "Janith, thank you so much for giving me this wonderful gift of our daughter. I love you baby" and Isabella hugged Justin, not letting him kiss you. You both laughed, and spent the night talking.

-How do you like it Janith? :)

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