48) "Love doesn't go unrecognized"Ⓡ(For Jasmine)

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You opened the door, smiling as you saw Justin, your boyfriend stand there in front of your eyes. "Justin!" You said, and flung yourself into his arms. "Jesus, Jaz I-" He started, but you interrupted him "Missed me?" and He nodded 'Yes'. You pulled him into the house, and sat at the dinner table, ready to eat.

It was kind of weird, you tell him you love him, he tells you the same, but in reality there isn't a single feeling. It was all lifeless. You guys had sex most of the time, just that. Once it was over, he'd go his way, and you'd find yours. You don't worry much about him, neither does he. He comes to you when he needs you the most, and when you need him, you go to him. It was mostly physical, nothing rational at all. To be honest, one of his latest songs- 'Confident' out of his album 'Journals' was for you.

You guys talked about random things, until he was nervous about something. He was holding his glass of wine so tight, it looked as though it was about to break. You touched his hand, and said "What's wrong?" and He hesitated to make eye contact. "What is it? Come on.." You continued again. He cleared his throat, and began to open up to you.

"I've got to tell you something, more like a confession.." He said. "Hmm?" You hummed, looking straight into his eyes. "I uh, I'm actually-" He started, and stopped. Your eyes widened, "You what Justin?" you asked him. Did he find out that you were cheating on him? Is he going to break up with you? 'Oh shit' you thought to yourself. "I'm cheating on you, Jaz." He blurted out, looking at his plate. You almost choked, and threw up inside your mouth. "What was that?" you asked him again. "I'm cheating on you, really." He said again.

You were definitely angry with him, but hey, then what are you doing? You're doing the same as he is. You've taken every chance you got with anyone. You two, are not in love. Its not true. You both crave for each other, that is all.

"Justin- M-me too." You confessed. "What?" He raised his voice. "Calm down!" You yelled at him. "Fucking hell! You said you loved me!" He yelled back at you. "You did too, remember?!" You screamed. "You lied! You b***h." He yelled, angry enough to kick the table, and send the food and everything flying in the air. "You did too! YOU LIED TOO JUSTIN FUCKING BIEBER. You're such a d**k!" You screamed at him, with lots of anger. "Get out of my house!" You yelled again. "Ofcourse I will, I don't want to catch you having fun with another guy, right?!" He yelled at the door way, as he slammed the door shut.

'A**h***' you thought to yourself. 'What a b****' Justin thought to himself. You stripped your clothes and changed into something comfortable enough to lay down, and think in peace. Justin too, went back home and did the same as you. You didn't bother much about him, but somewhere in the corner of your heart, you missed him. The feeling grew day by day. He too, felt the same way. He actually thought of YOU instead of your figure, or your body that he craves for.

Night after night, you started sobbing and crying into your pillow, missing his touch, his voice, his whole complete self. You missed him so much, you would do anything to see him once, just once. He partied every night trying to get you off of his mind, and even tried taking out girls to the club, then his hotel to relax, but he just couldn't. He stopped every single time. He was in your dreams, You were in his dreams.

It had been just 2 weeks, since you both knew what was up in both of your lives. Your best friend called you, and had a conversation that was about to change your life.

Your Bff: Jasmine, you need to forget about him. Who knows? You might find someone tonight, come on Jaz, just one night!

You: No, I can't! I can't forget him! I'm starting to feel something for him, I know Its too late, but I think I'm really in love with him. The feeling I had all these days when he was with me, it wasn't love. This is love.

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