Justin's POV:

Life has never been better. Now I understand how someone can make your life perfect. I and Y/n, are married for 1 year, a year full of bliss, happiness, and nothing but joy. The media still reminds us of all those past lovers who made us cry, but ends with a little note, that we're now having our heart beats tied together. 

Exactly, 9 months ago.... 


"Pattie!?" Y/n screamed, from the bathroom. I could hear my mom and my wife, giggling, and laughing and crying. I mean, it was all mixed. My mom said "Stay out" before she went into the bathroom. I barged in and said "Now, where is my wife?" and my mom said "Justin, it's not like i'm going to eat your wife. But, we got something for you." and I said "What?" and my mom and y/n looked at each other.

Y/n giggled, my mom giggled. Y/n blushed and my mom said "Awwww, Should I tell him?" and She said "I don't know!" and hid her face on her shoulder. I blurted out "Whoa Whoa, What am I missing ladies?" and my mom patted my back and said "Your responsibilites are increasing. Y/n is pregnant, which means, someone is coming to call you 'Daddy'" and I was dumbfounded. My wife is pregnant? MY WIFE IS PREGANT! :D 

I said "Come here Y/n!" But I ran towards her and picked her up and spun her around. Her laughs were filling the room. I was so happy! I mean how much more happier can a man be!? My mom said "Justin! Justin! Enough! Put her down! It's not 1 person, it's 2 now! Be careful!" and I carefully placed her down. She took the phone and dialed her doctor. Y/n was blushing so bad, she hid her face on my shoulder and kept giggling. I said "We gotta decide on names babe!" and she blushed harder.

I said "My eyes are up here." and she giggled louder. She never spoke a word, she's been blushing, giggling, blushing, giggling, over and over again. I understood that she was shy and I kept quiet. Meanwhile, my mom was done talking with the doctor and she said "Doctor Clarissa, she has asked us to come, just to confirm." I said "Great! Y/n?" and she never replied! Aww, that girl. My mom said "Aww, Y/n! It's okay!" and She said "It seems so unreal! I can't believe it!" and started crying. 

I wiped her tears and said "Okay it's okay baby, don't cry. I'm so happy! Thank you!" and she blushed again, and giggled again.. Shit. That was adorable. My mom said "Y/n sweetheart, we should leave now." and we left to the hospital.

After all those tests and stuff, the doctor called me and my mom in and said "Congratulations! She's pregnant with twins!" I was so happy right now. I was never this 'HAPPY' before. My mom said "Wow!" and I said "Yes!" and I was so excited. I hugged the doctor and she laughed. 

I saw Y/n and I told her "Baby we're having twins!" and she jumped up and squealed like my Beliebers, who see me for the first time. I said "Sssh, Shh! Sssh!! Quiet! You're pregnant, Remember!?" and she calmed down. She said "Oh My Bieber!" and I looked at her and chuckled. 

-End of Flashback and POV-

Today, is Valentines Day, as well as the birthdays of your two little kids. They've taken you inside to prep you for the delivery. Justin has been checking his twitter, and his Beliebers have tweeted their prayers for your child and you. Guess what is trending! -#BiebersBabiesDay

The doctors called Justin and said "Would you like to stay inside with her?" and I said "Yes, Obviously!" and his mom was waiting in the room, praying. Justin came inside, and saw you with that big tummy, closing your eyes shut. It reminded him of those days, when they both kick, and you screams and placed his hand on your tummy, just to feel it. And those days, when he talks to your tummy. 

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