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Dear Beliebers, (And haters who are here to break us)

I would first like to thank you all, for 115+ K reads and 2000+ votes. You people make me smile. You guys are a part of my world. I would never do anything to hurt you guys. I would take a bullet for you all. Infact, I know many of them say this, but I'm not sure if they really mean it. But I do, with all my heart. I wanna talk to you guys about something, important. 

Can you guys believe its about 7 years of Kidrauhl? He's a soft, sweet, loving person. We all know that, right? We've been watching him go through everything. He's the reason why I'm here. He's the only reason for my smile. He is my world. I would do just anything to take all the pain away from his life, but I'm powerless. Yet, I'm not giving up. 

Imagine yourself in his shoes. All that you have to take in. A girl tweeting him that she loves him, and exactly after a second another tweet from her boyfriend asking him to 'Die'. Isn't that hurting? It would be fine if it was one, or two. But its in Millions. He can't please everyone. He isn't a toy. He's got feelings. He's after all human too. All those names he gets called by.. Especially 'Gay'. Seriously, every single person who said that doesn't even know what the meaning of that word is. If you don't know, then google it. (Only for haters) 

There was a time in his life, and it still is, that whatever he does is wrong. Yes, he got arrested, so what? When you were a small kid and did shit; didn't she forgive you? Or when you punched your dad playfully, but still hurt him? Didn't he forgive you? How can you hate a person for lame reasons like this? 

Nobody knows how much he's done for the world. Not even himself! I still remember, When his album- 'Believe' was #1, Ryan Seacrest asked him how he felt. He said "Feels good." and smiled. I understood how humble he is too. If you ever met him, then pinch yourself and tell- "You met an angel without wings." Because you truly did. We people cry and sob when we are hurt by someone, by just one person. Well, he had to handle it from the time he was 14. And he still is. How can you smile and run around happily if you were him? If you asked me, I would've got depressed, and I would've died long back. 

You have no reason to hate him. If you don't like him, leave him alone and get a life. Isn't there anything better than making someone feel bad? First of all, making someone sad and upset is easy, but bringing a smile on a face of a person so badly hurt isn't. Its difficult. I'm begging you guys, to please support him. Don't ever hate him. Spread the love, and stop the hate. Lets make his life better, because now its our turn since he already made ours better.

Join me. Lets make this world a better place, together

I'm sorry if I hurt anybody. I don't intend to. But I can't hide my feelings, I just had to let it out. I love him so fucking much it kills me inside knowing what shit their putting him through. Normally, I don't use swear words, but I didn't have a choice. Sorry. I love you all. Please, don't go.. 


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