Gah! You were one of those billion Beliebers, who were in love with Justin Bieber, and just like the other girls, you too wished for a chance to meet him. 

"Who's gonna make you fall.....In love.. I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around you heart..." you sang, along with Justin. Your iPod was almost dead, when you reached the concert arena. Yes, you were going for his concert. You were so excited, although this isn't your first time to his concert, you've gone to like 6 continous concerts, this month. 

The lights, the fans screaming, the atmosphere, was filled with cheers and happiness. Justin slowly appeared in the spot light. He started the concert by singing "As long as you love me", You screamed and you weren't yourself! Then he sang some more songs from "Believe". He ended the concert by saying "I love you all. Thank you so much for believing me, My dear Beliebers."  The lights were gone, the girls were crying, Oh and you too. It's just that, everyone left the place in a few minutes, but you stayed there. Justin was talking to his friends there, and he noticed you were still there.

"Hey beautiful, what are you still doing here?" A very familiar voice said, And after a second, you realised, it was JUSTIN BIEBER, Your HERO. Your DREAM. Your LIFE. Your EVERYTHING. You turned back and said "I-I-I, Oh, I didn't know, I, Um, I-I'm.." He was smiling at you, and you were completely LOST in his eyes. He called you Beautiful! He said "Haha, It's okay, I get it. Want me to drop you home?" And you said "Huh? Me? With you??" And he said "Yes, You." And took you by your hand, and told his friends "This pretty girl needs to be dropped home. See you guys in two hours".

You guys walked out, and Oh GOD! Paparazzis! And fans,  they were screaming! Some of them managed to get past the barricades, they chased you both. Justin held your hand, and told you "Run!" And you ran with him. That moment, you never understood what was reality and what wasn't. He quickly got into the car, and told you to come in too. You got in and he said "Crazy day right, um..." You interuppted "Y/n" you said. He quickly laughed. You continued "Is it always this crazy?" and he nodded yes. 

He said "I've been seeing you for 6 of my concerts continously. I've been watching you beautiful. I've seen you crying too. Happy now?" and You said "Oh.. I'm, I'm Yes, A Belieber. And I love you." He said "Being a belieber isn't bad, haha, Anyways, I like you. Can I have your number?" OMG!! JUSTIN BIEBER ASKED YOU YOUR NUMBER!! You said "Umm, this is my number- xoxoxoxoxo" and he hugged you. By the time you both were done, you guys reached home. You said bye, and waved one too. He drove off fast. 

2 hours Later:

On the radio: "Today we have pop sensation Justin Bieber, here with us, let's hear from him. How was your day Justin?" The host said. "Well, today, I met a girl, A Belieber, I dropped her home, And I think I like her. I'm looking forward to meet her. So I should say, today has been a wonderful day." and you understood, Justin was talking about YOU. 

10 Minutes later:

*Trrrrrrring- I know you love me, I know you care..." You phone rang. Your ringtone was "Baby". "Hello?" you said. "Y/n, this is Justin" he said. "Oh my god, Justin?? You called me!" you said happily. He replied "Yes, because I like you. Can we meet at this place in 10 minutes? Aves Garden is the place. See you." And you said "Okay, See ya!".

Aves Garden:

You saw Justin's car. You saw him too, he was waiting for you. You parked the car and ran to him, with your arms open. He opened his arms wide,  and hugged you tight as you crashed on him. He picked you up and looked into your eyes. He said "I'm in love. With a stranger. I wish that stranger was mine". "Who are you talking about??" you asked in shock, hoping it would be you. "You, y/n you, you stole my heart. I'm asking you, if you would be the love of my life?" You smiled and you said "Y-Yes. Yes." and you jumped onto him, Your legs around his waist, and your head bending towards his. He lifted his head up and kissed you. After a good few minutes of kissing, he dropped you to the ground, and took your hand, and entwined it with his. People did watch, and paparazzis took pictures of everything, but it wasn't stopping Justin from getting you. 


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