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1• What's on fire? 

Oh no no, Oh no no

She's confident

You sang, shaking your hips as you stood in the kitchen, baking a cake for you, and your husband of 2 months Justin. Ever since you and Justin got married, the feelings between the two of you has grown so much. And the one who's got the main hit, isn't you. It's Justin. Every day with him, is like vacation. Every night with him is like honeymoon. Wherever you both go, his tongue is stuck done your throat. Your wedding completely changed the way of living. 

"Baby.." He whined, pressing his chest on your back. "Ah! Shit! You scared the living daylights out of me." You said, dropping the whisk from your hands. "Sowwy" He said and chuckled. 

You bent down to take the whisk, and you jerked, feeling him buck his hips to yours. You laughed, and hit him lightly with the whisk. He groaned, and pretended to be hurt. 

"Baby, you're working so hard." He said, placing his hands on your waist and rubbing it. He rested his head on your shoulder, lightly pecking the side of your ear. He moved along with you, as you swayed to his song.

"Oh, I don't think-" was all you said, before he started kissing under your ear and cutting you off.

"I just want you to relax, and I thought I'd give you a massage.." He said, kneading your waist like dough. His hip kept bucking into yours, and he squeezed your body between his, and the kitchen counter. There was no space to even move a single muscle. He brushed his lips all the way from your ear, to your shoulder, leaving wet kisses. He wasted no time, and started kissing your neck, nibbling on the tender skin. He was trying to put you in the mood he was in, but you wanted to finish off the cake. He asked for it. 

"What do you say baby?" He asked, putting his hands under you shirt, as he continued kneading your hip, running his fingers over your stomach every once in a while. "Mhm" you hummed, enjoying whatever he was doing. Suddenly the alarm from the oven went off. You pushed him, and he stumbled, giving you way. 

You almost touched the handle of the oven, when he picked you up, and threw you over his shoulders. "Justin, the cake will get on fire!" You exclaimed, and he laughed. "My mood is already on fire, babe. Fix this, then go fix that." He said, hurrying into the bedroom. 

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 2• Love Sounds 

"Babe, let's go to bed, yeah?" Justin asked you, yawning. "Uhm, yeah." You said, and you yawned too. 

You both laid down, and as usual, had your arms and legs tangled. You glued yourself to his body, and he held you tightly, satisfiedly. A few minutes later, both of you sleepyheads were fast asleep. You heard a few noises, that were kinda scary from outside. You tossed and turned in his arms, waking him up from his peaceful slumber.

"Mmm Y/n.." He whined, as he pulled you by your waist and hid his face in your neck, rubbing his nose against it. You decided to shut up for once, and tried ignoring the sounds you were hearing. It sounded like a dog crying. And it wasn't one. It sounded like many dogs were crying. 'Jesus Christ, dogs can cry but why at nights?!' you thought to yourself, and closed your eyes.

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