Hey there beauties! (Don't panic, this is an update! ^_^)

Before we get started with the imagine, I just wanted to apologize to all those who were hurt/offended by my previous post- My Paranoid Rants. I did not mean to hurt you guys at all. I was just frustrated, and I wanted to share it. Although many agreed with me, some of them found it hard to accept. And I agree with it, because I'm open to different opinions and for all we know, they might also be right. If you're mad at me, then please accept my sincere apologies. I love you guys, and I can't bear it when you guys get hurt. Thank you. :)

Now there you go- the imagine! This is a special imagine, and it's pretty long.

- - - - - - -

"Babe, we're here!" Justin cheered happily before parking the car in the lot.

'Copper Queen Hotel' the board read. You and Justin were on a vacation. You guys always loved going long distances in the car; more like a round trip while staying at different hotels in different places. Car journeys are the most fun trips you both have. Taking turns to drive, jamming to loud music, eating and sleeping in the car.. sometimes things tend to get a little more fun than that (Caught my drift? ;) *wink wink*)

You guys were now in Bisbee, Arizona and the closest hotel to stay for the next two nights was this hotel- Copper Queen.

"Yay!" You raised your hands and clapped, finally relieved that you could sleep on soft mattress with Justin's body draped around yours. Thinking of that, you let out a loud sigh.

"Seems like someone's drifting away to dream land.." He chuckled and said before opening the door for you to get out after him.

"Uh huh?" You sang and took his waiting hand as you both walked into the lobby to get your room.

"Umm, Hi I was hoping I could get a room for tonight and tomorrow night. I didn't make reservations earlier, so is that possible?" Justin inquired the staff at the reception. While your fiance was doing the talk, you looked around the hotel. It was pretty good. Wooden ceiling works, teak wood furniture, smoothly vacuumed carpet floor, crystal chandeliers.. It was good enough for a 4 star hotel. Neither of you complained, because all you guys needed was a roof to stay under, and a bed to sleep on. It doesn't have to be the best in the world, at least not all the time. Life's fun when you break the routine, isn't it?

"Room number four hundred eleven baby! Babe?" Justin gently hit your arm, snapping you back to reality.

"Oh hi! How are you!?" You blurted out, making him raise his eyebrows and crack the cutest chuckle-in-smile ever.

"Oh my god, I didn't mean to say that- I was just thinking of the wedding after seeing this place, which is weird but true and I said that to you thinking you're one of my relatives, and now I'm blabbering like an old lady, oh shit I can't shut up." You said all in one breath.

"Aww babe! Why did you shut up?! I was going to shut you up by kissing you. Now my kiss is gone, damn." He whined like a little child, while grabbing your hand and pulling you towards the elevator.

As the doors inched closer, so did Justin. He pushed the number '4' in the list of numbers and turned his head towards you, slowly pressing himself on you. He rubblowly pressing himself on you. He rubbed his nose against yours, before his lips captured yours. His hands found their way around your waist, pulling you closer while yours hung around his neck, pushing his head against yours. Before he even got the chance to make another move, the doors opened, revealing your room directly from the view of the elevator.

He pulled away and grabbed your hand, stroking your soft skin gently with his thumb as you both made your way to the room.

He pushed the key into the key hole, but even before he twisted it to unlock the door, the door was already unlocked.

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