"We're next Y/n" Your lawyer told you, as she walked in front of you leading the way into a room, where Justice was provided to the problemed individuals. You followed her, and sat next to her, opposite to Justin. It wasn't a normal court, where couples came to get their divorces. It was a private court, and the case happened with alot of  security to protect your privacy. 

You heard Justin's husky, and raspy voice conversing with his lawyer in utter pain, having to explain the situation where in he is not ready to give you a divorce. Your heart ached, and your eyes pinched, when you thought of the beautiful relationship you and Justin shared for 5 whole years. The kisses, the hugs, the break-ups, the make-ups, the dates, the sorrys', the I love yous', the special moments, the nights he made love you to, the moment he proposed to you, the wedding, everything flashed through your mind. You let a single tear slip, knowing that it won't hurt and nobody will notice. But you're wrong. Having Justin around is like being vulnerable to something all the time. He's the only one who knows your heart. He understands your feelings. You don't have to tell him how you feel, he'd understand. He watched that lonely tear roll down your rosy cheek, and you knew that he's watching you cry. 

Justin has been that one person you've never loved this much at all. You love him so much, that it hurts inside. He might make mistakes, in fact mistakes that can never be fixed but yet, you still love him. Something about him always gets you back to him. There's something about his love that gets you flattered every single time. He's the blood rushing in your veins. He's the air you breathe. He's the beat that your heart never forgets. His love is truly everything that you desire, and all you ever need to live. To you, a world is about you, and Justin together happily. You still feel that way, but then things started changing. 

There were fights every single night. Sometimes you'd go to your parent's place or a friend's house to stay for a night. Anger would simply flush through his words, and your heart would crumble every time. You still never fell out of the love you had for him. You held onto it, hoping he would open his eyes and realise all the love you're giving him that he keeps denying everyday. It had been just 1 year since the both of you got married, and you both were already like strangers to each other. You figured a divorce would make your lives better, and that he can have his freedom. To make this whole 'Divorce' case better.. (in a sarcastic way) you recently found out you're pregnant and you're already 2 months along. That's when it hit Justin right on his head, and he started changing. Which is of no point now.. you'd be gone from his life anyway. 

"Today we have Mrs. Y/n Bieber who has requested a divorce from her husband Mr. Justin Bieber on terms of mutual understanding. But it appears that Mr.Bieber does not want to give a divorce to his wife, Ms.Y/n. For the past 3 court sessions, we have thoroughly inspected each and every aspect of Ms.Y/n's claim for a divorce. In the last session, which was conducted on M/DD/2014 the court came to understand that Ms.Y/n is expecting a child, who's other parent is Mr.Bieber himself. Today is the 4th court session, where in Mr.Bieber and his lawyer can talk from their side to go for a compromise against the divorce case." The judge read out, and you couldn't even look at Justin's face, knowing how much it's hurting him, but yet he acts all strong and unaffected. You noticed Justin's eyes widen at the words of this baby you were carrying. Too bad it doesn't deserve this kind of a punishment.. having its parents split when it hasn't even seen the world yet. 

"Mr.Bieber's lawyer may speak on behalf of Mr.Bieber, or Mr.Bieber may talk for himself." You heard the Judge say, and you looked down at your feet. Justin whispered something to his lawyer, and he stood up. The whole time he was talking, it was only your lawyer who paid attention to all that he said. You somehow gathered courage to look at Justin's face, and when you did, your heart skipped beats, and your eyes pinched again. The sad that was on his face was gut-wrenching. It was sadder than any love stories. Nobody had ever seen his joyous face become this sad, and depressed. 

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