Your P O V:

It was a long day. Finally it was bedtime! I got our 5 year old daughter Y/D/N ready and put her to bed, after an hour of running behind her. Justin was out, watching a movie. I yelled "Justin, you coming to sleep or what baby?" from the door of our room. He replied "Coming Wifey" and I said "Yes Hubby!" and chuckled. 

He came into the room, and we were all lovey-dovey. All sorts of things were happening. "Baby?" He said. "Yep?" I replied, pulling him closer to me, and hid my head on his chest. "I'll be right back.." He said. "What's wrong?" I asked him. "Nothing, I forgot to say goodnight to my baby. So, I'll be right back babe." He replied, as he kissed me so passionately; I almost 'Mmhm'ed. 

He quickly got up and went outside. I just hope he's back soon. I can't wait for the rest of the night. ARRRGGHHHH. 


Justin's P O V:

Okay, somehow I got out of Y/n's sight for a while. I'm not going to say goodnight to my daughter, I'm going to execute the plan I and my daughter Y/D/N made yesterday, for having some ice-cream when Y/n is asleep.

Yep, Y/n banned me and our daughter from having anything cold because I took Y/D/N out in the rain; We both caught cold; Then bought her puppies, inspite of all the things that happened earlier. When I did, Y/n was very worried, because she wasn't good with dogs around. 


"Justin?! You got her puppies!?" She said. "Yep, I did." I replied. "What?! Who do you think is going to be taking care of them and running around them?" She said, pulling me into our room for a little conversation. "I and Y/D/N will, I think" I replied, pulling her close. 

"Justin, I don't know.." She said, turning away. "Do you hear that baby? Do you hear our daughter giggling and having fun?" I said, pulling her, so that she faces me. "That's exactly what I want, and I'm happy if she's happy.. Baby, Please.." I continued, and hugged her tightly. "Justin, I-" She started, but I quickly kissed her, shutting her mouth. "Now, what do you say?" I asked her, watching her blush. "Okay" She replied, hiding her face in my chest. 

I slowly entered Y/D/N's room, and woke her up. "Baby? Sweetie? Darling, are you awake?" I whispered, as I stroked her pink cheeks. "Yes daddy?" She said, pulling the covers off of her. She pounced on me, and locked her legs around my waist as I kissed her forehead. "You ready baby?" I asked her. "Yep, Let's do it!" She said, as she laughed. 

We made our way to the refridgerator, and I got the ice-cream packs out. I let Y/D/N scoop the ice cream and make the bowls, because she wanted to. Oh how I love this little girl. Just like her momma. 


You waited for Justin to return, as you thought what could take so long. Suddenly, you thought to yourself about the mischief both of those have been up to for the past few days. You thought of checking on them, just in case they were trying to even touch the ice cream in the fridge.

You got up, and tip-toed to the kitchen. "Oh my god" You whispered to yourself, as you saw your daughter and Justin feasting on the buckets of ice-cream. One way, it was extremely adorable! She was so tiny, sitting on the counter, along with Justin. They were feeding each other; joking and laughing. 

You walked towards them, and said "So is this how you and your daddy say goodnight baby?" to your daughter, as you wrapped your arms around Justin, feeling him get nervous. "Babe, please, let's talk in the bedroom, babe.." Justin whispered. "Oh, I don't plan on it, mister" You replied. 

"Mommy, do you want chum!?" your lil one asked you. "No sweetie" You replied. They were soon done with their little plan, and they were discussing all sorts of things, you didn't know. "Baby, Goodnight" You said to her, and kissed her cheek. They did the same to each other. They were holding hands and walking. 

Before she got into her room, she said "Daddy?" and Justin replied "Yes my baby?". She very adorably said "You can sleep in my room..". Justin asked her "Oh, Why honey?" and she whispered into his ears "Just in case mommy sends you out! I don't want you to sleep, in the, the couch". He chuckled, eyeing you up and down.

He said "Thank you baby, But I think I know how to deal your mom"  and she asked him "How?". He chuckled and said "You don't wanna know". He sent her in, and put her to sleep.

You were already inside your room, under the covers. He came in, and said "Baby?". You never answered. You weren't mad and all for real, you decided to play with him a little. "Sweetheart? Darling? Honey? Babe? Love? Princess? Y/n?" He went on calling you. You said "Mmm." and He pulled you close, as he wrapped his inked arms around your waist, securing them so tight.

"You mad?" He asked you. You nodded a little. "I'm sorry" He said. "It's okay, But i'm still mad." You complained. "Please babe, don't be mad. I don't like it when you're mad." He said, giving you chills. "Well, what can you do about it?" You said with a little devilish smile. "I'm going to make you forgive me babe." He kissed your neck, and beginned the endless night. 

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