Justin's P.O.V:

Today, I was gonna meet (Y/N) after a long time. She's been busy, I've been busy and we kind of wanted each other alot lately. So I called her and I told her we were meeting at this park near my studio. 

It was time. She looked pretty. And she did cover up well, to save ourselves from the Paparazzis. She wore a white shorts, A blue tank top, Sunglasses, And Jacket. And She tied up her hair into a pony tail. 

She ran to me and jumped on me. She was clinging onto me at my waist. I said "Baby, I missed you". She said "I missed you like the sun. I love you!" and We kissed. 

Bad timing. A paparazzi took a picture of us, kissing and hugging. He even came near to us, and took a picture. 

(Your Name) Held my arm and tugged at my shirt, knowing I would punch this guy. I yelled at him "Knock it off dude. We need privacy. Stop bringing our lives into the spotlight!" He said- "You'll be in the headlines in no time!" That insane bloody man, was getting on my nerves. 

I couldn't help it and I threw my cap away and I knocked him down the floor. I slapped him twice. And I threw camera in the air. (Your name) kept yelling my name and she pulled me away from him. But, she was too weak. I pushed her away and kicked him. I threw my shoes at him. 

People ran and helped him up. (Your name) came and got my shoes and cap. We quickly held each other's hand and drove back home. I wanted to be happy seeing my baby after a long time, but it turned out to be a disaster. 

Next hour, it came on the news "Justin Bieber attacks Paparazzi- Was he drunk?" I thought to myself, What the hell? I am not what the media shows me as. 

- It's a real incident. But I changed the storyline. I hope you liked it! ;)

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