16) "We're a Family" (For Janith)

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Janith's POV:

It's been 5 years, since I'm married to the love of my life- Justin Bieber. We have two amazing kids, Tyler, he's 2 years old and Isabella, She's 3 years old. I'm a model, so I go to work. Yesterday, Perry Ella called me and said I had a cover shoot for Vogue. Thank god Justin is back from his tour today! I think he can take care of the kids. 

"Jani! Janith? I'm home baby" Justin said, and I ran and gave him a hug. The kids came running from their room, and hugged their dad. Justin picked these two up and held them both in his arms. He said "I am so happy I'm home. I missed these two alot." he said smiling. I said "I missed you baby" and I started kissing him. Isabella said "Dad, dad, drop us, I don't wanna see this, It's so disgusting" and Tyler nodded. Justin dropped them down and they ran back to their rooms.

After a good kiss, he said "I'll be right back. I'm gonna shower and we'll have breakfast together" I nodded. He came back after showering, and I called the kids for breakfast. I gave their food, and they started eating. As usual, Isabella didn't want to eat, She kept kicking her legs and cried but Justin took care of it. I was feeding Tyler, when I saw the clock. Damn! It was 10:12 am! The cover shoot was at 10:30. So I quickly fed Tyler, and ran back upstairs and got ready.

I got the car keys, and I said "Justin, I'm leaving for work, I'll be back babe! Bye!" and He was angry. He said "Babe, I'm home and your going to work?" and I replied "Justin, I don't wanna talk about this now. Bye" and I left.

Justin's POV:

I don't understand what's wrong with Janith. Why does she have to work, when I am? I'm going to talk to her about this. I'm home after 2 weeks, and she spent only 20 minutes with me. And the kids? Wouldn't they want to be together with their mom and dad? Whatever.

"Dad? Why is mom in a hurry?" Isabella asked me. I said "Sweetie, mom's gone to work. She'll be back in no time" and while I was explaining, Tyler threw up. Damn it. I immediately carried him to the bathroom, and cleaned up his mouth. He threw up continously and I got worried, Tyler is definitely sick. I touched his neck, and he was burning hot. I took the thermometer and I saw his temperature, it was 101. 

I called the doctor and he asked me to bring Tyler. I took him to the doctor, and he prescribed some medicines. I got the medicines and took Tyler home, I gave him his first dose of medicine, and put him to sleep. I told Isabella, "Sweetie, have an eye on your brother. You too should take rest" and she went to sleep, along with Tyler.

After an hour, "Daddy? Daddy!! Tyler is screaming and crying in his sleep" Isabella came running and yelling. I replied "Come on sweetheart, let's see what's wrong with your brother." and I carried her, to Tyler's bed. He was crying and saying "Mommy, I want mommy" and I was like, Oh god. I woke him up, and I consoled him. He was recovering.

"Baby, i'm back" Janith said. She came into the room and she was shocked- "What's wrong? Why's he crying? Why aren't you guys doing something?" and I brought her out of the room. 

I said "Janith, I need to talk to you, about you going to work. You know I'm not home all the time. And when you're gone, some babysitter takes care of our children. They never get to be happy like the other kids! You don't have to work, because i'm working hard enough and we have all the money we need. We had kids to love them, not to ignore them Jani." holding her hands. She did offend a little but finally she opened up- "Wow.Wait a second." and I was shocked a bit.

She said to someone on phone- "Perry, I'm quitting. I have a family to take care of, so I'm sorry. Thanks" and I knew it was Perry Ella. She hugged me and kissed me and said "Sorry baby, I didn't know it would be this serious. I'm gonna take care of my family and be a good mom, good wife" I smiled and said "Thank you for doing this. Love you" and.. "Mommy!!!! Dadddy!! I want to go in a boat!!" Tyler cried, and yelled. We both hugged him and checked his temperature, and he was perfectly normal!

Maybe he needed his family. So, I told Janith and Kids, we're going to ride a boat today. I took them out and we had fun in the boat. I hope the doctor doesn't find out! 

- I'm gonna have to rewrite this. Yes or No? 

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