39) "Challenge Accepted!" (Special)

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NOTE: All the names stated in this imagine are imaginary. Nobody exists in such names to my knowledge. Thank you.

Your P.O.V:

"I challenge, the love of my life Y/n, My buddy Dan, and Scooter" I heard Justin say. Yep. I was challenged by my boyfriend to take up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and I did. I donated and I was ready for the ice-cold water. I changed my outfit, and I stepped outside.

Justin was holding the camera. He told me that I'd come running to him, when the water touches me and I told him it would happen only in his dreams. "You ready babe?" He asked me, smiling. I gave him a thumbs up, and he said "Here we go!". 

"Hey guys, This is Y/n, and I'm gonna take up the ALS Ice bucket challenge. Thank you for nominating me, Justin! Love you!" I said, and I continued; "I nominate, Ariana Grande, Carly Rae Jepsen and all of Justin's amazing Beliebers". 

I was so freaked out, because the water was so freaking cold, I'd end up having Hypothermia. Justin yelled, "Come on Y/n, Do it!" and I nodded "No". I spoke towards the camera- "Is pouring Ice-cold water really necessary!" and Justin instantly set the camera on a table that was there by the poolside, and walked towards me. 

He was wearing a white-tee, which was transparent enough to see his tattoos if he was wet. And I? I was wearing a shirt, that said 'I <3 YOU', paired with some red shorts. The bucket was so big, and it had so much of water, I was like OH GOD NO. 

He said "Pour it babe, come on" and gestured me to do it. I nodded 'No', and ran away. He caught me by my waist and pulled me back. Meanwhile, he asked me to get the camera closer. I brought it, and I stood still. 

I was literally yelling "No, Please, Justin, NO!" and by the time I finished my sentence, Ice Cold Water hit my warm skin, and I screamed "JUSTIN!" so loud, I went deaf for a couple of seconds. He moved away from me, so that he wouldn't get wet. 

I ran to him and jumped onto him, shaking, as the feeling was still there, stinging my skin. He chuckled, but before I could say anything, we fell into the pool, with the camera, still in my hands safely. 

The water wasn't so cold, but I was warm, because Justin's arms were wrapped around me. We continued shooting, underwater. Before I cut the camera, I waved at it, to my surprise, getting an underwater kiss from him. 

I cut the camera and we got out of the pool. "Babe, You made me wet!" He said, as he chuckled. "Haha, Yeah right. You're the one who poured the water!" I said. He replied "So, I made you wet?" and I nodded yes, but after a second I understood what he actually meant. "You perv!" I said, playfully punching his arm. 

He uploaded it to his twitter, giving it a caption- 'Y/n's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. When everyone screams AH, OH MY GOD, OHHH, My Y/n screams JUSTIN! Watch part 2 of Titanic here, but this time it's in a pool. :P" Soon, that video was out on Facebook, Vine, and Instagram. 

And there were all sorts of comments we read! 

BizzlesBabe: Omg, She nominated us all! OMG!! #ALSICEBUCKETCHALLENGE

ItsMsBieberBOO: @justinbieber, clothes are not for people like you.. I like your other shirt called 'Shirtless'.. XOxo.

BabyBieberGirl: Really? Underwater kiss? You shoulda turned the cam off! Y'all made me Jelleh, Duh.

HisShawteh: @Y/T/N, I love you. :-* @justinbieber you're so hot when you're wet. o.o Sorry Y/n! had to get it out!

KellyBieber: @justinbieber and @Y/T/N, You both are so cute together!!!!! like sooooo cuteee! <33


HEISMINEONLY<3: @Y/T/N You and Justin are so f***ing cute, I'd die for y'all. 

As I closed the laptop, Justin's arms snaked around my waist, and his lips were kissing my cheeks. We watched TV, correction- had the T.V playing while we were busy spending rest of the day kissing each other just anywhere, at random times. 

"I love you so much" I said, kissing his lips.

"I love you too. More than you can imagine, baby." He said, kissing me harder, entwining our hands. 

-Hey guys! I made this imagine as a gift for all of you, who took the challenge when He nominated us. For those who didn't, be sure to take part! It is to spread awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and to fund its research project. If you liked the imagine, then VOTE! and COMMENT your opinions, and just anything. Including- "HEY! I'M IN THE BATHROOM", if it's where you are. (Lol)

Regarding Questions- So, I made an announcement asking you pretty people to send in your questions. It's so sad, that I haven't even got 1! If you send it, I'd be so happy to feature the answers with your names in the upcoming imagine. I accept all! :) SEND NOW! 


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