Hey there Angels!

I know you guys enjoyed the 'Shorties' I posted, and I think you'd like these Minimagines. (Mini+Imagines= Minimagines) So, these 'Minimagines' will consist of stories of your most intimate moments with Justin.  They won't be very long, or very short. This minimagines #1 has three stories. After reading, close your eyes and picture it! Enjoy sweeties! 

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Minimagines #1:

1• Pregnant Players

You stood in front of the mirror, rubbing your 2 months pregnant belly. Ever since you and Justin, your husband of a year, found out that you were pregnant, things have been so crazy. Including your hormones. You feel like a whole different person, with crazy ideas and all that. You've been upto a lot of mischief lately, and the whole husband-wife cycle has reversed. It's you who's upto a lot of mischief, and Justin has to be around you to stop you from those. From pranking to spanking, you're up for anything adventurous now. 

Justin was downstairs, in the kitchen getting ice-cream for the two of you. You wanted to know how you'll look when your fully 9 months pregnant, and you had an embarassing idea. You sneaked to the living room, and grabbed one of the cushions and ran upstairs. Your idea was to stuff that under your shirt and pretend to be 9 months pregnant, ready for labor. But just before you were going to execute your little plan, Justin flung the door open.

"Hey Jay, what's up?" You said, trying to cover up. "Your shirt is up, is all it is." He said laughing. 'Shit' you mumbled, and pulled your shirt down. "What are you doing with that-?" He asked, pointing to the cushion in your hands. "Nothing.." You said, and before you could run out the door in embarassment, he caught you and dragged you to the mirror. "Gimme that." He said, and you handed the cushion. "Roll it up sweetie." He said, and you rolled your shirt up. He stuffed the cushion on your belly, and covered it with your shirt. He turned you, and stood behind you with his hands on your 9 months pregnant bel- no wait, the cushion on your belly. 

"This is how you'll look in a few months, babe." He said, and kissed under your ear. You blushed and covered your face. "How did you know that I was going to do this?" You asked him, and he chuckled. "I don't know about you, but I read alot of books on pregnant women and all they do. This was one of em'." He said, and you gasped at his interest. "What if men got pregnant, too?" You said, and pulled out the cushion. "That'll be weird." He said, and laughed. Before he could look at what you were doing, you stuffed the cushion under his shirt and turned him to the side. You started laughing at the thought of Justin being pregnant, incase men too had the ablitity to get pregnant.

"Y/n, I'm pregnant and it's yours!" Justin spoke, in the voice of a girl.

"Oh, is that so?" You said jokingly and harshly hugged him by his waist.

"Oww! You're hurting a pregnant man! Can't you see?!" He almost yelled, and pretended to groan in pain. 

You laughed, and put your hands under his shirt, touching his stomach instead of the cushion. He chuckled, and you grabbed the cushion pulling it out. He screamed and behaved as though he's in a labor. "Justin, stop! Our neighbors are gonna laugh.." You said, and took out the cushion. "Who cares babe? You're my wife and I'm your husband. We do what we want." He said, placing a kiss on your lips. 

You threw the cushion on the bed, and he screamed like a girl. "Don't throw my baby!" He said, and tried grabbing your hands. "Bleh" you said, and showed your tongue. "Hey, that's no way to behave to a man who got pregnant!" He said, and caught you. "No!" You yelled, as he threw you up his shoulders. "Come on sweetie, let's eat some ice cream." He whispered, and you nodded. 

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