55) "Lil Bieber" (For Brianna)

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"Calm down Brianna, just breathe. Phew. Phew." You said to yourself, and rubbed your temples. You were waiting for the result of your pregnancy test and it should be done in about a minute or so. You were nervous, and scared of what Justin Bieber, your Husband will think if it comes out positive. Its been 5 months since you've got married to him, and he's told you a lot of times that he loves kids, and that he would definitely have as much as possible with you. 

You looked at the clock, and nodded your head, sure about the results. You turned the stick around, and tried reading it. It had a pink plus symbol, and you panicked, as you read the instructions on the box to figure out what it exactly meant. Pink plus- Positive. "Oh my god." was all you said, with tears forming in your eyes. You were confident that Justin will be perfectly okay with this, because just yesterday, you two spent an hour talking about babies. 

Justin told you in the morning that he'd take you out for dinner tonight, being your 4th year anniversary. (Not your wedding anniversary! Its only 5 months since you got married.) Everything seemed perfect. He was taking you out. You found out you're pregnant. And its your 4th year anniversary. You were excited and nervous as hell. 

You decided that Justin will be the first one to know, and you're not gonna call him and tell him. Nope. Its a special news. Tonight, Justin will probably gift you something you would never expect. So why not gift him something he wouldn't expect? This idea popped into your head, and you smirked imagining his reaction, when he sees a pregnancy test, showing positive, and gift wrapped. You knew this would shock him, in a good way. 

You looked at the clock, and it was 5:00 in the evening. He would be home in an hour, and you'd have to leave by 7:00. Justin was at work, but wouldn't stop texting you. 

Hubby Jay: Bri baby, whats up? :-*

You: Just chillin'.. you? :-*

Hubby Jay: working hard to get home to my beautiful wifey. Anyways, don't forget our dinner tonight babe.

You: I can't wait. :) And I'm choosing my outfit. 

Hubby Jay: You look hot in everything babe. But you look hotter without anything. ;) 

You: Same goes out to you, Mr.Bieber <3

Hubby Jay: Thank you Mrs. Brianna Bieber. Love you lots. 

You: I love you alot, too. And I think I should start getting ready, I'll see you at home. Bye babe. Love yoooooou!

You smiled as you texted the last few words. You looked at this perfect dress, that you bought a long time back, but never got the occasion to wear it. It was a beautiful white lace dress, that had very gorgeous lace work done on your sleeves, that was long enough to cover your elbows. The dress touched your knees. It was truly, a very gorgeous dress. You had gold accessories to match that perfect dress. And you were satisfied with your pick. 

You took the pregnancy test, that showed positive and put inside a box long enough to fit it. You luckily had some glittery purple gift wrap, and some decorative silver ribbons. You took a label card, and wrote 'Daddy Justin' in a fancy hand writing, and placed it along with the stick. You wrapped them and placed the silver ribbons on top. It looked like a pricy gift, just what you needed to have him dumbfounded. By the time you had everything ready, Justin was home. As soon as you heard the door open and close, you rushed and hid the box where he couldn't find. 

"I'm home, babe!" He yelled from downstairs. "Coming!" You answered him, and hurriedly ran on the staircase. As soon as his eyes locked with yours, you jumped from the last step, and hugged him tightly. He held you against him tightly, and hid his face in the crook of your neck. "I missed you." He said, and placed little wet kisses on your neck. You giggled, and said "Me too." He lifted your head, and kissed your lips, sweetly and lovingly. You had butterflies like always, and smiled at the thought of your child inside you, who might be watching them fly. "Babe, it's getting late, let's get ready, yeah?" Justin asked you, trying to look into your eyes. But you avoided it, and blushed. He smiled, and kissed you once again. He then let you go, and dress up. 

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