36) "I woke up as JB's Girlfriend!" Ⓡ (For Felicia)

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Felicia's P O V:

OMG!!!!!! I'M GOING TO A CONCERT!!!! <3 <3 <3

YEAH! I'm going for a special private performance by my idol, my hero, my LIFE- Justin Bieber! OMG! OMG! I'm freaking out! The best part is, everybody gets to meet him! And I will too! OMG!!!!! I wore a cute tank top, and shorts, paired with some rocking boots. I let my hair free, and wore very little makeup. My friends were here by 6:00 PM. We all left for the concert exactly after half an hour.  

The car ride was not so comfortable, because I had to urge to throw up, since I was so excited. My legs were shaking and I was as nervous as hell. When we reached, I almost passed out, but somehow, my friends dragged me to the concert arena. After a few minutes, he came out of nowhere and started singing "As Long As You Love Me". 

Minutes seemed like seconds, when the concert was over. It was so hurting, but wait, I was about to meet HIM! OMG! 20 Minutes later, along with my friends, I walked to the place, and I saw him standing there, greeting us. I couldn't resist but run into his open arms. I almost jumped on him, and he chuckled. We spoke for a few minutes and took pictures. It was all over within minutes! 

When I reached home, it was 11:00. I went straight to bed, since I wasn't hungry either. I was so overwhelmed and happy. All I needed now, was good sleep.

                                                                           (End of P.O.V)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - M O R N I N G - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

You slowly started tossing and turning, when you felt uncomfortable on the bed. It didn't feel like it used to. You whined, the sheets all curled up on your body, where now slowly pulled away from you. Suddenly, someone caressed your cheeks, pushing your hair back, and then kissing your temple.

It was scary. You jumped up from your sleep, and screamed "Oh my god! Who are you! Ahh!". That 'somebody', pulled you back to their chest, and whispered "It's your future husband babe". The voice was so familiar. You fluttered your eyes open, when that 'somebody' hovered over you. It was JUSTIN BIEBER! Omg, JUSTIN FREAKING BIEBER!. You rubbed your eyes again and again, trying to wake yourself up from the dream. 

"Babe? Is everything okay?" He asked you, pulling you up. You stared at him, in silence, since you were in such a shock that your hero is right in front of you. Without knowing, tears were coming out of your eyes. His hands immediately cupped your face and he asked you "What's wrong babe? Had a nightmare or something?". You didn't answer. He asked you again "Baby say something?" and you finally opened up "What am I doing here? Who am I? How did I get here? What's happening??". 

He was shocked now. He scratched his head and said "You were sleeping, and you're Felicia. I brought you home yesterday, after dinner, remember?". You blurted out "I don't remember anything!". He said "Y/n, babe, enough of joking baby. You scared me". You replied "What? No, I'm serious! I don't remember anything!". 

He interrupted you, saying "Is there something you know? Like a little?". You said "Yeah, I know I'm Felicia, and you're Justin." He continued.. "And..?" You replied- "I love you so much". Justin was confused, and he said "So you don't remember anything else but me?". You nodded "No".

He moved closer to you, and he said "Babe, I think you should get some rest. I know it's morning already, but it's fine..". You started crying, since you didn't know how all of this happened, but yet, you're happy he's with you. He comforted you, and sang to you a few lines of 'Be Alright'. You were resting on his arms, with his hands doodling all over your body.

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