~ Warning. Extremely Cute! ~

Justin Drew Bieber. Oh, that name gives you butterflies. Everytime someone calls you 'Mrs.Bieber' you can't help but get so overwhelmed and excited. Its been only a month since you and Justin got married, and you've enjoyed every single day of it. You were a Belieber since you were 12, and yes you guys have a big age difference. He's 27, and you're 21 so what? Age is just a number. You met Justin because of an accident, yep. Not in a meet and greet, or Starbucks, or the Mall. 

- Flashback - 

"Oh shit!" You yelled, as Justin's car hit your car's front. You weren't killed or smashed by his car as you thought, but you were hurt because of it. Your legs were hurt because of the impact, and you suffered the after shock it gave. You remember Justin hurrying out of his car, in fear hoping that nothing should've happened to you.  He opened the door of your car, and found you slowly becoming unconsious. You remember him blabbering "I'm so sorry! I wasn't paying attention and I-" "Justin?"  You cut him off. Another shock was that, Justin Bieber, your idol of all those years was in front of you, holding your arms asking for forgiveness because he caused an accident. 

"Damn it, you're bleeding! I'm going to take you to the hospital, I'm so sorry!" He panicked, watching the blood ooze out of your legs. You were too shocked to talk anything. You were scared of the accident in the first place, and now you can't believe you met the Justin Bieber. You immediately thought of 'Die In Your Arms' and smiled, knowing that atleast that one wish would come true. Your eyes were becoming blurry, and you had difficulty hearing. "What's your name sweetheart? Wait, don't close your eyes, look at me, baby girl, look!" You heard him talk in a rush. "Y/n.. Y/n is my-" was all you said. "No, no wake up, don't close your eyes!" He started blabbering, while sweating. He picked you up in one swift motion, and threw you in his car. "Y/n, Y/n." He said to himself while driving you to the hospital. 

"What have I done? What have you done Justin, what the hell?!" He continued to talk to himself, while glancing at your face from time to time. "Such a beautiful girl, she- you hit her you idiot." He said to himself, frowning at you. As soon as he reached the hospital, he stopped the car and picked you up from the seat, not caring about the blood stains in his yellow lamborghini or his white t-shirt. He rushed into the hospital, and kind of scared everyone. The doctors came in, and did everything to help you get back healthy. 

Justin tweeted to his Beliebers asking them to pray for you. He sat right next you all day and night sometimes. It was 5 days since it happened, and you started waking up slowly. You heard Scooter ask Justin, "Do you know her? I mean you've been here since the accident, and you're here 24/7." Your heart raced, when you thought that he stayed with you since the accident, and he's been feeling bad about it. "I don't know her Scooter.. But the 5 days I spent with her inside this room, I understood alot about her. She was in complete silence the whole time, and I spent most of my time talking to her. I know well, that she wouldn't have listened to it, or remember it because she wasn't conscious. The last word that ever came out of her mouth is my name, Scooter. She called my name before she closed her eyes." He said, his voice cracking a little bit. 

You opened your eyes, blinking twice or thrice before you completely adjusted with the harsh lights of the room. Scooter's eyes widened and stared at Justin. Justin asked him "What?" and he turned back to look at you, since Scooter was staring at you, and smiling a little. "Oh my god, Hi.. What's up?" Justin asked you, setting his hair. You rolled your eyes playfully at him, giving him a face that clearly read- 'I'm lying on the hospital bed and you're asking me what's up?'. He said "I-I'm so sorry I w-was um, I wasn't uh, paying a-at-attention, that's why I cr-crashed I'm sorry Y/n." and you blinked at his cuteness. You didn't care even if you were going to die, because he's here. Justin Bieber, the one who stole your heart without your permission is here. "Oh and this is scooter." He said pointing at him. "Hey, how do you feel?" Scooter asked you. You gave him a thumbs up, and he smiled in return. 

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