Just imagine that you're Ana, married to Justin Bieber, and you are expecting your first child. (Justin doesn't know that yet) This story will be released in parts, since it's gonna be a little long one. Enjoy!

The clock struck 2:00 in the morning. Justin wasn't home yet. He was attending the Billboard music Awards. By this time, even the party after the awards would've got over. "Where is he?" is the question repeatedly passing through your mind like a lightning over and over and over again. You tried calling him, you sent him texts, you did everything you could to reach him, but it didn't work. At last, you called Scooter and asked him where he was- "Hey, Scooter, I have a quick question, Justin's at the awards right? When will he be back home?" and he replied "Mm, The awards function was over at 9:00 pm, the party was over at 11:00 in the night, and I was the one who sent him home! He's not home, is he? Ana?" You got a little tensed, you said "Yeah yeah, Okay thanks! I was just asking cuz i'm not home, at a friend's place, so just wanted to know if he was home that's all, thanks!" and you cut the call.

You were worried and you sat down on your couch. You suddenly recieved a notification from some website. You took the phone, and you saw what it was. It said "Justin Bieber found with a Blondie in the lobby of Radison Blu hotel" and you just got curious. I mean, he's your husband! So, without wasting a minute, you grabbed your car keys and drove to Radison Blu. In the hotel, they said he already left, just 5 minutes back. You quickly got into the car and drove to the main highway and found his car.

You got out and stood in front of the door of his. You were shocked. You saw him holding hands with that stupid Blonde girl. You couldn't help the situation but you threw a stone that was on the road at his mirror and screamed "JUSTIN! YOU FILTHY RICH HORSE-ARSE! GET OUT NOW! WITH THAT SICKO BLONDIE!" And he got out immediately. 

"Ana! What are you doing here?" Justin asked, touching your shoulder. "DON'T TOUCH ME! WHAT THE F*** IS SHE DOING HERE???" You screamed. He quickly pushed that Blondie away and told her to leave and that you were his wife. She left, although she was really angry with him now. That's not the matter now. He cheated on you. Go back to that point.

"Ana, Let me explain! It's not what you're thinking! Believe me!" he pleaded you, as you walked away, really fast, with tears on your cheek. He grabbed your hand but you shook him off. "Oh! So, you did nothing in Radison Blu? SHIT Justin, I can't believe this. You're just like the other guys! And i'm married to you! GRAVE mistake!" 

"No, No! No! No! ANA Please! LISTEN to me! NO!" He screamed after you, but you left quickly. You drove straight to your Parent's house and told them everything. They comforted you, and told you you'd be okay. Day after day, thousands of phone calls, texts, emails, News, pictures and more of what media's proof showed that you both fought, made him guilty and you angry. He came to see you but you never let him inside the room, you shooed him away. You were having a tough time with everything. After all, the love of your life, betrayed you, Cheated you, was not LOVING you for REAL. So, you decided on something. 

                                                       --2 WEEKS LATER--

Justin's P.O.V

I got a notice from Ana today. I opened it, and i found a letter that said that she wanted a divorce.. What am I going to do? Why was I so stupid? Why isn't she understanding my problem? Am I gonna lose her? Am I getting broken piece by piece? The court session is on 4/20/14. I need to get her back. Oh God Help me. 

- Next Part, COMING SOON. :)

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