Justin's POV:

"There is something that you might have to take care of- Mood swings" the doctor told. Yes, Janith, my wife, was pregnant again. We have two kids, Isabella and Tyler. But I love kids, that's exactly why I'm a young father. Today Janith is completing her 7th month. Just 2 more months, for that special gift of mine to be born.

I smiled and replied the doctor- "I think i can take care of that" and I shaked hands and left the room.

"Come on baby, let's go home" I said, holding her hand and We got into the car. She was quiet. We drove home and she got off the car, in a hurry, I think she's pissed about something.

I calmed myself down and asked her, "What's the matter babe?" and she said in an angry tone "Nothing!" and she sat on the couch. "Baby, I know something's wrong" I told, and I sat beside her. She turned her face and said "You know nothing! I'm tired of this Justin.. I just want to take care of you and my babies! I don't want to get pregnant again and again" I knew this was it. I told her "Oh baby, we like kids right? We're wealthy enough to have many as we want". She turned red. She was angry. 

"Right! Next time you get pregnant. You have your own kids. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO BE PREGNANT JUSTIN??? YOU'RE FORTUNATE YOU'RE A MAN!" She yelled. I kept quiet. I replied- "I would baby, if I could. I'd do anything to keep my baby away from pain. But what to do? I can't, Cuz i'm born a man" She quickly ran into her room and shut the door.

Tyler and Isabella asked me "Why's mommy running? And why is she angry?" I hugged them both and said, "Mommy is having a baby. She'll be okay soon" and played with them, to change the subject. 

After an hour, Janith stormed out of our room and yelled "JUSTIN??! WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THIS?? I DON'T WANT ANYONE! I DON'T WANT TO BE ALIVE!!!" And she cried, as she screamed and tried to rip my shirt off.

I patted her back and told her "It's okay baby, sssh" she calmed down and she said "I want to sleep, in your arms" I smiled and I sat down on the couch, and she laid down, with her head resting over my chest. 

She suddenly woke up from her sleep and ran into the kitchen. She brought a knife and said "Baby I wanna die" and she was going to cut herself. I was like OH SHIT. SHIT. And I went nearer, and she said "No, NO, don't come near" and she threatened me, that If I touch her she'd kill herself. 

I told her "Janith look! A monkey!" And ran to her, and I snatched the knife, and I picked her up. She screamed, "PUT ME DOWN!! JUSTIN YOU JERK!! I HATE YOU!! NOOO! PUT ME DOWN!!" I knew she never meant any of those words.

I took her upstairs and I laid her down on the bed. She screamed and cried all the way up. I put the kids to sleep, so they won't wake up now. I got into the bed, and she tried getting out, but she couldn't. I pulled her up and I kissed her, now getting her under my control. I wrapped my arms around her stomach, and she tossed and turned whining. She dozed off to sleep, in 10 minutes.

Birth of our baby: (JUSTIN'S POV)

"NO!!! NOT AGAIN!! NO! AHH" I could hear her crying. She was in labor. I didn't go in, because if I did, I would break down there. It's so hard to see her in pain. It's like my heart is bleeding.

The doctor came out and said "Justin, she's screaming for you, She can do it only if you're there" and I ran inside. I held her hand and told her "Sssh, Baby, Baby! Listen, I know it's hard, but baby you gotta do it" and I sang 'Be Alright'

I know it's hard babe, 

To sleep at night,

Don't you worry,

Cuz everything's gonna be alright,

Be alright.

"AHHHHHHHH! I heard her scream and she almost tore my shirt. I could hear something else, apart from her cries and heavy breathing. It was our daughter, she was born. She was so adorable, and resembled her alot. I took her in my arms, and she was clinging onto me.

I took a picture, and I couldn't wait to show her to my kids. I was so happy, after spending 9 whole months together with Janith, facing pain indirectly. I love her. I love my kids. I love my family.

- Always try to be happy. It's okay if you're past was bad, but now is to be happy. :) Dear Janith, I hope you like it! Thank you so much for requesting! And others too, request and I'll accept them all!

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