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1•  Daddy Bieber

"Oh my gosh, Justin, I'm so excited!" you said in a little voice, as your husband Justin Bieber himself was parking the car in the parking near the hospital. Wondering why you were at the hospital? Justin's manager Scooter, and his wife Yael just welcomed their second child and it's a girl!

"Come on babe, let's go!" Justin said, and ran out of his side to get ahold of your hands.

"I'm coming, alright, wait!" you said, as you tried walking as fast as Justin.

"Justin, I-I can't walk this quick-" you sighed, and he slowed down immediately.

"Sorry babe, and you too lil boy." He said, wrapping one of his arms protectively around your stomach as you both walked towards the hospital.

You both were escorted into the delivery room, and Justin gave Scooter a big hug when he saw him stand near Yael, while she held the newborn to her chest. 

"Congratulations!" You said, putting on a wide smile when the couple said "Thank you!" in unison.

"So, little Mr. Jagger Braun has a sister now?!" Justin asked, picking up Jagger, their first child. 

"She's so beautiful, Yael!" you said, as she gladly handed her newborn baby for you to take. 

You smiled warmly before you engulfed the baby girl to your arms, carefully and gently. You stroked the little girl's forehead, and kissed it with lots of love. Before you could give her back to Yael, Justin stood behind you, placing his head on your shoulder while his hands joined yours in holding the baby. He placed a light kiss on your neck before turning back to look at the innocent face of the newborn.

"You know, you'll be here in a few months, right Y/n?" Yael asked you, with a warm smile, referring to your own baby that was yet to be born in a few months.

"How many months are you along, Y/n?" Scooter joined the conversation, as you handed the baby back to her mother. 

"She's 8 months pregnant." Justin said, while putting on an ear splitting grin that could light up the whole world. 

"Imagine this Justin.. 'Daddy Bieber' trending on twitter.. I'm sure that's about to happen!" Scooter joked, as everybody let out light laughs to match the cheerful moment.

"Oh, Yael, I wanted to know if it you know.. hurt alot?" Justin questioned Yael with a serious look on his face. Yael, you, and Scooter burst out in a fit of laughter looking at how excited and concerned Justin seems to be about your unborn baby.

"There he goes again!" Yael jokingly said, and Justin too chuckled hearing her say that.

(Note: Omg, did you guys know about Scooter's new baby boy? His name is Jagger Joseph Braun! And he was named after Justin, so his initials are JB! So cute!)

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2• Come And Get My Pinkie

"Oh my freaking god, oh!" You said breathlessly, as you continued to laugh, rolling on the floor. Justin, just sat there on the floor with his legs crossed, looking at you laugh like a lunatic. 

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