22) "Jaylie" (For Baylie)

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Baylie's POV:

What a beautiful day today is! Me and Justin (My Boyfriend, we've been in love for like 3 years) have planned to stay home and watch some movies, make videos, play games and do all those indoor stuff today. It's not like we don't want to go out, it's just that we're going to stay home for a change. (That's what he said!) 

I prepared a list, for buying some stuff that we'll need today like snacks? Candies? Chocolates? Popcorn? Juice? And ICE-CREAM! He asked me to go to the shop, because it seems like he's going to get the room ready for watching a movie. 

After some time, while the staff was billing I got a call from Justin.

Baylie: Hey, I'll be home in a jiffy..

Justin: Baby, I took the car, because our neighbor was in an emergency, so you might have to walk back home, is it okay?

Baylie: Umm, Yeah it's fine! what's wrong with our neighbor??

Justin: Mrs.McCallister tripped in the stair case and we think she might have broken her foot. Yeah, so that's it. See you..Bye baby!

Baylie: Just-! (He cut the call before you could say something.)

Ah, I guess I'll have to walk home now, with all of these items. Ugh. Anyways it's just a few blocks away.. I'll be there in no time.

"Let me get those" one boy said to me, and snatched my bags away and ran towards our house. I yelled "Hey! You! Come back! Those are mine!" but I figured out he went into our place and I saw my best friend getting the bags and going inside.

I was confused. Anyways, I'll take care of it when I get home. I'm free now. Nothing in my hands. *Grins*

"There's gonna be one less lonely girl, one less lonely girl, there's gonna be one less lonely girl.. One less lonely girl!" One boy sang, and ran towards me. I was getting freaked out by the minute. He continued singing, and a bunch of kids ran towards me, and handed me roses. I had to kneel down to get the roses, because they were so small and cute! Some of them kissed me in the cheek and I was enjoying it. Well, I don't know what's going on..

Before I could get to know what's happening, the kids ran away. The boy who was singing was now accompanied by more people joining. They formed a circle around me and sang "Never Let You Go" Meanwhile one of them, came to me and placed a Queen's crown on my head. I was so shocked! What's going on?! Oh My God!

One of them pulled my hand and led me to this park. It was like a parade! More and more people joined them in every minute. They showered me with roses! And ribbons and many of them were taking photographs of this. 

This was so amazing, and confusing! Weird but surprising! Fun but uncomfortable! I wanted to know who was behind this and why they're doing this to me.. Wow!

One of them sparked up a conversation with me:

Lady: Where's your Prince Charming, my dear Cinderella?

Me: Umm, he's home, waiting for me. 

Lady: He is? *Confused face, smiling*

Me: Mmhm? *Smiles*

It was like a flash mob around me! They were dancing and singing and clapping and cheering.

What was happening? I coudn't even believe it! It was like a group of 50 people around me! And the music changed into 'Slow dance' so everyone had a pair. Except ME. Duh. I didn't even have to dance, why?

And suddenly, we heard some sound, like a horse running. I was curious! Oh my good lord! One boy was riding the gorgeous pearl white horse.. He was wearing a white shirt, with brown colored tight corduroy pants. He got down and he turned to face me and OH MY GOD!!!!!!! It was Justin!! What was he doing??  

As soon as he got down, they were singing "As long as you love me". He made his way through the crowd and he took me hand, as we started dancing.

And when the music stopped, and the people too stopped dancing, He knelt down before me.. And he said "The past 3 years, that we were together were so amazing. And yes, we did have ups and downs, but we could get through them only because we were together. I love you so much and a simple I love you, can't show my feelings. I want to be with you forever. And forever starts now. Whether I live, or die, I want to do it only with you. You're an angel, that god sent me. And I thank him for that. There's nothing that I want from you, no need money, no need fame, no need nothing, just a 'Yes' because I'm asking you to marry me. Will you marry me Baylie?" 

I was so dumbfounded. I started crying. I tried to hide them but I couldn't. People around us where so slient. I smiled and said "Yes, Yes, Yes!" And he opened a box, which was heart- shaped and was red in color, and took out this really beautiful ring, and slid it onto my ring finger. 

People then started screaming "Jaylie! Jaylie! Jaylie" and I told him "It's so beautiful! And thank you so much Justin,  it's so overwhelming I don't know what to talk!" and I hugged him, and he pecked me on the lips.

We both held hands and walked back home. The people who gathered disappeared after clapping and cheering for us. Oh and the horse? It was taken by it's owner. I can't believe it.. I'm soon going to be- "MRS BAYLIE BIEBER!!!!" 

- This is for my wattpad bestie Baylie. She is such an amazing person, and she writes really good stories. Please take time to read her stories and follow her! Thank you so much! Oh and want a story for yourself? Request and it'll be out in no time! ;)

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