18) "Life is so beautiful"

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The sun was shining through the silky smooth blinds. You sighed, feeling the sun, soak in your skin. You immediately thought of yesterday..

You: Where? What do you mean? 

Justin: Just get in the car babe. We're gonna have some fun. Do it baby.

You: *Sigh* Whatever. Where are we going?

Justin: *Starts the car* Babe, wear your seatbelt. You don't want to fall out of the car right?

You: *Wears Seatbelt* 

Justin: You ready?

You: For what? (And the car goes like lightning.) Juuuuuuuustin!!! This is so craaaazy! You're goooing toooo faaast baaabe! I caan't seeee youu, you're blurry!

Justin: Chill babe. We're having fun! Come on, loosen up a little and feel it! 

You: Fun?? We're going to get killllled! Ahhhhh! 

Justin: Come on babe. Open your eyes.

You: Ah.. *Opens Eyes*

Justin: Come on, look forward. And eyes on the road. Sit comfy. Hold my hand. 

You: *Looks forward, sits comfortably, holds Justin's hand* Justin, I'm better when it's "Eyes on Justin" 

Justin: *Laughs* Okay babe. Why don't you let yourself out? Like, Scream, have fun?


Justin: Haha, look who lost already! 

You: Haha *Laughs*

2 HOURS LATER: You guys come to this resort, where Justin booked all the private villas, so you guys can have some privacy. 

"Morning Mrs.Bieber" Justin said, kissing your lips softly. "Morning my sweet hubby" you said, running your hands in his hair. "Baby, we're going out today. Get up and ready" he said. 

You wrapped the sheets around you, and said "Okay" and smiled. When Justin saw you he said "Really babe? Like I've never seen you naked? Like yesterday?" and he laughed. 

Immediately, another flashback.

You: I love you.

Justin: I love you more babe.

You: Now, I know why you booked all the villas. So, no one hears Mrs.Bieber screaming and moaning?

Justin: Haha, you might be right on that part.

"Why are you so shy now? Huh? I see you blushing.." Justin said. He was right. He was making you blush. How cute. Ah, not back to the story.

You said "No, I'm not." and Justin chased you. He picked you up and god, you were being held up so high! You said "Okay, Okay, yes I blushed! Drop me down Jay please" and he dropped you down. 

"I'll be right back" you said, and went into the bathroom. He switched on the TV and waited for you to come out.

You came out and said "Jay, enough of TV, now go shower." He said in a very cute voice- "Baby, just another few minutes" and you knew, it's one of his tricks. "No baby, go now." you replied, and pushed him into the bathroom.

He pulled you inside and you said "I just showered." and he said "Doesn't matter". "Justin you're way too romantic" and he replied- "Yes babe. I'm a hopeless romantic, deal with it" and he sent you out of the bathroom.

He finished showering and you finished dressing up. He came out and saw you. He said "Damn it, you're gorgeous." and you replied "and..? damn it, you're hot, When your hair's wet!" He only had a towel wrapped around him. You could see the results of all the hardwork he did in the gym. Those 6 pack abs..... AH NOW SNAP OUT OF IT and read this. 

"Babe? Babe!?" he said. "Yeah!?" you replied. "Like what you see?" he asked, with a satisfied grin on his perfect face. "Oh Justin, get ready now." you said, trying to get excused for getting lost in him. He said "Haha" and winked.  

After a few minutes, both of you got ready and even finished your breakfast. He held your hand and you both walked to where his car was. He got in and got you in too. He started the car, and you both drove out of the resort. 

"Where are we going?" you asked, wearing your sunglasses, and getting his in your hands, since the sun was burning hot into your skin. He looked at you and said "Surprise". You were confused. You nodded and let him have his excitement. 

After a while, you guys reached this place. It was breezy. It was shady. You could feel moisture in the wind. As you got down, you felt sand rubbing against your foot. You could see waves, the water and yes! It was the beach. 

"Oh my god, there's no one! How is this possible?" you asked, folding your hands, and feeling the wind blow against you. "Never say Never" he said, grabbing you by the waist, and placed a kiss in the crook of your neck. "I love you, I can't explain, How crazy I am right now about you" you said, and turned to see his face. You kissed him and you pushed him, so both of landed on the sand.

"I know baby. I know. I love you more than life. I can sacrifice myself just to see you smile" he said and flipped you, so he was on top. Suddenly he lost control and you both started rolling down, and landed in the water. You kissed him, feeling the water's rage on both of your bodies.

"No baby, you're the smile on my face, If you go, it goes too" you said and hugged him. A tear slipped out of your eye, thinking how much he'd do, just to make you happy.

"Nuh-Uh, Now smile" he said, and took out his iPhone. He clicked a picture of you both, kissing, and the picture was beautiful. He posted it on Instagram and said "Life is so beautiful, If it's this happy after marriage, I'll marry you again and again my wifey @Y/n " 

"Justin, I don't know how I'm going to thank him" you said. "Who?" he asked. "God" you replied. "God?" he asked, so you replied "Yeah, I don't know how, becuz I've found someone like you. Others haven't been fortunate enough to find you right?" He smiled and kissed you.

- This was my dream! That I had last night. :) :-*

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