5)"I haven't kissed before"

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Your P.O.V

Okay, I did it again. I pushed him away, when we both were really close and he was about to kiss. I cannot BELIEVE this. I'm in love with Justin Bieber, and I don't know to kiss. He didn't like it, he got annoyed and he whispered to me- "What is with you, and kisses?" in a cute voice. I mean... With his look in the eyes, I was gonna blabber the truth. But i relaxed and looked away. I told him "Sorry Baby, there's just something that stops me." And he said "No, I know you too much to take those silly words for an answer. Tell me Baby."

Oh My GOD. With the cutest look on his face and his really innocent voice, Damn, I got hypnotised. And I mumbled "Cuz I dunno to kiss baby" and he said "What? Tell me" he pulled me closer, making me look at his face straight.

I thought to myself, I can't talk properly, Even on the phone, Looking at his face would make me pass out. And He bit is lip. Which makes me Weaker.

I said "Baby,... I know after telling this, I'd get dumped faster than you breathe out, So I hid this from you.." He said "Don't stop. Go on." and I said "I haven't kissed anyone before, and I don't know how to."

He looked at me like "WHAT?" and he said "That's Okay, Haha, Let me teach you?" and I said "Mmmhm".

He played a really lovely song and said "Setting the mood right" and I laughed. He said "This might tickle, but it gets better, and Go with the Flow, In perfect sync." and I said "Haha, Okay, Let me try".

He leaned in and kissed me lightly, then did exactly what he said, he winked at me, which means I had to do what he said. So I did what he said, And oh my god.. it was like HEAVEN! He said "Look at the beginner who just became an expert already!" we laughed.

I said "Did I mess up?" he said, "Baby, you did too good for a first kiss. And I loved the taste of your velvet lips".

I hugged him and said "Thank You Babyyyy" He said "Huh? Wait, there's more.. Don't stop! It gets better. Start!" and I kissed him... Kissed him.. And kissed him.. On and On for what seemed like forever.

- I love this! Cute!

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