17) "You fell asleep!"

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(Your POV)

"Baby? Shall we watch a movie?" Justin said. He came home to spend some time with me, and ofcourse, he's my boyfriend.

"What movie?" I asked in excitement and he replied "Believe?" I was kind of confused, why would he want to see his own movie? Anyways, I said "Okay, I'll get the popcorn. You play the movie baby" and I left the room.

He switched on our home theatre, and played the movie. He said "Babe you coming?" and I said "Yeah, It's ready" and I sat down, with the popcorn in my hand. 

It was actually 11:10 in the night. I was laying down on his chest, with our hands entwined. We watched almost half of the movie.

I said "Baby I wish we could be like this forever". He never replied. I called- "Justin? Baby? Babe!" and he never said a word.

DAMN he fell asleep!

I woke him up, and he said "Woah, why'd you do that for?" and I replied "Becuz I thought we were watching a movie" and he said "I am, I am" and I said "Hey! It's your movie dude! You know what comes next!" and I laughed.

He ran into the kitchen. I threw the popcorn at him.

He said "It's payback time!" and he chased me, I ran around and he caught me. He tickled me and I laughed so hard, my stomach ached! 

The doorbell rang. "Let's go see who that is" I said, and he dropped me down. I opened the door and it was our neighbor, Mrs.Robert.

"What's going on? I heard running and screaming" she said, while Justin said "And laughing. You forgot that part" and I punched his arm playfully. 

"Umm, we were just watching a... Movie." I said. She looked like- You-want-me-to-buy-that-shit? and Justin said- "Yeah- BELIEVE us."

Again, I laughed. Oh god. I knew we both were in trouble.  

She said- "You kids better keep it quiet. Or i'm gonna have to do something that might offend y'all" and Justin said "No maam, we'll keep it quiet. Good night" and he closed the door.

He hugged me and picked me up, and said "We'll start all over again. That's not fair play" and I said "Oh God." and He threw me on the couch. 

We watched the movie, and I fell asleep in his arms. What a night! ;)

- I know this is short, but some people wanted it short. :)

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