34) "I Hate You, Not." (For Evelyn) Ⓡ

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For Evelyn, @hadas17

Your P.O.V:

"Justin.. I don't know.." I hesitated, not knowing how to interpret his actions. He kept kissing me while his face kept descending to my centre, and I know where this will end. 

"What'd you say babe?" He asked me, looking up at me. I was tired. He was a little drunk. And for no reason, I was pissed off. I was incredibly angry with him. 

"Justin, No!" I said, as I tried to push him off of me. He held me tighter than ever, and kept going down on my neck. I pushed him off, and out of nowhere, I slapped him.

I slapped him, for real. Nice and hard.

(End of P.O.V)

Justin backed off. He moved to the other side of the bed, stuffing his head onto the pillows. He was definitely sad, and didn't know why you did that. You felt guilty. You started crying. 

You went closer to him, and you touched him, "Justin?", you said. He moved, and said "Don't touch me Evelyn." You understood that he was really upset and sad, and angry too. You cried harder, and you said "Justin, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" and he replied "Why did you slap me? I didn't do anything wrong!". 

You yelled "I said I'm sorry! DROP THE FU***** Topic!" And he yelled back "You slap me, and I shouldn't question you why?!" getting up from the bed.

You screamed "You know what? I slapped you, because I'm tired of you! I hate you! I don't want to be around you! Your fans all over you! And, And, And.. Your! Your.. Ex.. No, I'm done!" and his face was completely lifeless, and pale, after you uttered those words as sharp as knives.

He said "If you hate me, then you should leave. You'd be better off without me, right Evelyn? Go." There were a few seconds of silence, then you were ready to leave. You kept thinking, how he let you go. How easily he asked you to leave. How? HOW!?

You yelled "Thank you! I'm going! And Never coming back!" As you stormed out of the room, he held your hand, not letting you go. He said "There are some things that you must be returning.." and you were surprised. I mean, he's asking all the stuff he bought you back? You said "That's why I'm leaving empty handed! Everything is yours! You can keep it!" and He laughed. 

He said "I'm talking about all those kisses, I love you(s) and sexy stuff I gave you. I want them back. Give it to me." You laughed, sarcastically. You replied "Hello? Are you okay in the upper floor? How can I return those?" and He said "By giving it to me. Do it." You asked him "How many?" and He laughed. He replied "About 10,00,000 Million kisses, 10,00,998 Hugs and I lost count of all the sexy stuff I did to you."

You replied "No way. I'm not." And he replied "Then, you're not leaving this place." as he drew his hands over your waist, and held it tight. You protested "So, if I give it back, you'd let me go?" and he murmured "I don't think so. I'll make you fall in love again, and you'll stay" You said- "Huh?" and He nodded yes. 

He looked at you, draining all your thoughts of leaving the place. His eyes were killing you. You went closer, without touching him, you kissed his cheek. He almost yelled "What was that? I asked for a kiss, not a silly peck. Did I kiss you that way?" and you were flattered. You said "What do you want me to do?!" and He said "Babe, do it like how I do, Sexy and hot. Oh come on! How do I kiss you?" It was becoming funny now. You started a silly fight for a silly reason, correction- No reason. 

You moved closer, and wrapped your arms around his neck. He smiled. You faked a smile, and leaned in closer, as you waited for your body to be pressed as close as possible. Almost like you've got glued. When you were close enough, you kissed his soft lips, and ran your hands through his hair. 

He took the chance, and pushed you down the bed. You laughed and he bent down again to kiss you. You kissed back, and you gave in. He said "Good girl" and went on with his work. He kissed your jawline, and moved down. You enjoyed every second of it. He took off all those that you were wearing faster than you can say 'ABC'.

He whispered, near your ears, "You owe me this babe. I'm giving it to you instead." and You replied "Show me." and grinned. He pulled the covers on top of you both. He took your engorged bundle of nerves in his hand, and kissed them, as if they were your lips. 

Words that didn't mean anything slipped out of your mouth. All you could breathe out was his name. He kept chuckling all the time, seeing how vulnerable you were to him. His lips attached to your neck, as his fingers worked magic in your centre. Your back was arched all the time. Too much pleasure. 

He then drew them out, and replaced it with his tongue. Like a whip, it lashed all the folds, the nooks and corners, making you scream, literally scream for him. As moments went by, you were tightening, as he understood that you're closer to the end. 

Before you could turn sane, he stopped. He positioned himself, and threatened you. You held his shoulder blades, scratching them, and screaming, asking him to fulfill your desire. He laughed, and he did. He entered you, breaking your body. 

You screamed louder than ever, as if, a bus was breaking your bones. But that was pain, this was pleasure. He was observing your face the whole time, and smiled once in a while. He went back and forth, hitting the end of your centre, pushing you over the edge. Nothing can compare to this. 

You were screaming his name constantly, as he kept calling you 'Baby' 'Princess' 'Darling' 'Sweetie' and much more. Atlast, your world was about to crash. So was his. He understood, and whispered "Let it Go Babe.." and that was all your world needed to come down crashing, almost making your head spin, and eyes go blind. 

He joined you, and rested beside you, massaging your back. His touch simply was hypnotizing. He said "I forgive you babe." and you replied "I don't hate you. I'm sorry.. I think, I was a little off key today. But I'm back to normal. I love you so much, I mean what if you didn't talk to me? It would've ended!" as you cried. He laughed, and cupped your face. He said " I can't let you go. Not possible. You're a part of me, How can let a part of me go? I would always get you back, if I lost you." He placed his lips on yours, and that's how the day started.

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"His pink lips crashed into mine, and I was completely lost. My world crashed. My senses were all under his control now. He slid his tongue into mine, asking for entrance. I was too weak to deny it, so I gave in"

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