I have resurrected! O;-)

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Hey guys!

I know, I know- "Where the heck did you go?!" I heard that. (o.O) But I have resurrected! *Smirks*

 I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry for just abandoning all of you beautiful people on here and leaving. I kind of had a mini accident at home and broke my hand. I found it really hard to do anything with one hand.. well I still find it hard. The great fall I had impacted the right side of my body and I've been in pain ever since. That's why I've been offline for a lot of days, and haven't updated since stone age. 

And Oh my gosh! 641K reads and 8.3K+ votes?! I cannot believe this. You guys take me to new heights every day. In fact, we all are reaching new heights everyday. Thank you so much for all your love, and never-ending support. I love you all, so so much I could totally cry right now, lol. :')

And I sincerely apologize to all those who made a request and I had accepted them, but ended up having you waiting for it forever. Please please message me and remind me about your imagines, oh please! :O 

So I'm back guys! I'm going to start working on the updates, single-handed. (Oh-so-sarcastic.)

I forgot one thing that I wanted to make sure you girls remembered: I love you. :-*

-Anya. ♛

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