Your POV:

"Baby, I'm going out!" I heard Justin talking to me. I wonder where he's going. He's been out all the time. Tomorrow is my birthday. I bet he's going out tomorrow too. It's been so long since we've even felt like kissing, like, he pecks on my lips everyday and every minute but that doesn't make up for that beautiful kiss we share. 

"Where?" I asked him in a hurry. He ran towards me, and pecked me on my lips and said "Bye Babe" and he left. Did he ignore the fact that I had asked a question? Or he didn't pay attention? Whatever things seem to be perfectly in the right path to the wrong place.

I switched on the TV, and I saw this channel called- 'CNews' which was actually nothing but Celebrity News. Yes, it's just another channel where they stalk celebrities. So what? My boyfriend doesn't care, my family isn't here, my friends are all busy. What should I do? 

I heard this news reporter saying- "Calling all Beliebers! Justin Bieber has been spotted in the Miami International Airport, boarding a private plane, with no baggage! He was seen boarding the plane 15 minutes ago, with two other people, one man and another woman. We don't know who these mystery peeps are! Where is he going? The love of his life, Y/n, is here, so who is he going to visit? Let's continue after the break"  My heart started beating faster. Who was he going to see? Why didn't he tell me? Oh god no.

I texted him and we had this conversation....

Me: Baby, where are you? 

Justin: Flying, why'd you ask?

Me: What are you doing? I'm here and where are you going??

Justin: I bet you saw CNews. Right? 

Me: Yes, I did. I can't believe I'm the last person to know that you're flying to see someone. 

Damn it. I don't know what's happening. *Face palm*

(Night- 11:57) *Ding dong* I heard the doorbell. I opened the door, and It was Justin. “Did I wake you up baby?” He asked me, like he was very concerned. I shook my head and said “No, Oh and Did you have fun?” and he turned back, and he smiled, it was really devilish. He said “Yep, I had so much of fun!” and he went into our room.

I said “Okay” sarcastically and I laid down on the bed, trying to sleep. “Baby, Help me’ He said, standing in front of me, with his shirt stuck. I laughed and I slowly took it off. I noticed something new. A tattoo. A tattoo of a girl’s face. It seemed very familiar. I said “New tattoo? Who’s that by the way?” and He smiled, and said “Babe, that’s you. Look closer.” And I found out, it was really me.

My eyes were becoming wet and he said, “Happy birthday” and he hugged me, and kissed my forehead. I understood that he boarded a private plane to get his tattoo done, without leaking out the pictures and stuff. But yet, the tattoo was in an odd place.

I asked him “Baby, why did you put the tattoo here?” and he took my hand and placed it on the tattoo. He said “This is where the heart is. I’ve put the tattoo there, cuz you’re my heartbeat. If it stops, I die.” I was shocked and I cried, and I hugged him tight, as if I’d die if I let go.

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