This isn't an update. I just felt like talking about something that's actually none of my business, but since we're all like a family, I thought I'd feel better if I talked to you guys.

So.. we all know that Justin's been hanging out with Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Yovanna Ventura and only god knows how many more. Everyday, he only grew cockier. (In fact, he admitted that by himself and I believe he's not the same as of now.) And the reason why he has no respect from people is only because of himself. He's just overwhelmed with all the women around him, and yes, I understand they're all just friends but hey- You say you want to be a gentleman but again everything you do is something a 16 year old boy with money and cars would do. I'm so sorry if this offended anyone, because we're really protective about Justin and anything offensive ticks us off. (Yet, I still love him as much as I used to and more. I'm only talking about this because I care about him. No offense.)

No I'm not judging him. He's asking for "healthy relationships" but again- He's spending time with the wrong people.. I don't have hate against Kendall or Hailey or whomsoever but they're definitely not the only ones he should be friends with. He should have a couple of normal friends- who go to work, face every day's challenges with confidence and courage.. and most of all who are humble and really normal.

Justin's reputation is already ruined. And it's only getting more damaged every day. Kendall is definitely a coin with two sides. Justin and Harry Styles. Now the last thing we'd all want to go through is watching Justin punch Harry's face for doing something with Kendall. Well, I don't think that day is far away. It's coming, unless Justin's eyes finally open and he changes for real. For good.

I know that we shouldn't believe blindly what the media says, Especially HollywoodLife.com. But since I can see it from Justin himself, I don't know what to think. He's just too confident about himself. It's time he spends time with someone normal. Cars, Models, and Money isn't life. It's much more than that.

I wonder if he ever reads all the articles about him. He hooked up with X, hooked up with Y.. Oh my god. And his activities don't really have to do much with anything that's good on his side. What's wrong with him? Why can't he see what he's doing?

And oh god- Selena Gomez. (No hate against her either.) She's stuck in between all of this drama. Kris Jenner (Kendall's mom), she's got to butt out of other people's problems. She's going around the town pushing Justin to date her daughter Kendall, saying they could be the new 'Brangelina' because they both are Calvin Klein models. Are you for fucking real?! So what if they're both CK models? So all CK models must date each other? And why is she the one to 'Never approve of a Jelena reunion'? Look, if their love is meant to be, they'll come together. Why is she deciding for Justin and Selena? And the most frustrating thing is- 'She will never approve of a Jelena reunion. Not when Kendall is on the market.' So this is all business? A game?

Actually I don't give a flying f**k about anything except for Justin. This is none of my business, and I'm sorry if it offended anyone. I just had to take it off my chest. I will still hold on as I promised, and will forever stay a humble, and a dedicated Belieber. Thank you for your precious time. And if you feel like exploding, just like me- feel free to comment your thoughts.

(I added this part after receiving some harsh comments) Once again, I don't intend to hurt anyone. I apologize if you were offended by anything I said. At this point, I'm in no position to see harsh words as though I'm the bad one here. Understand, that I too love Justin with all my heart and I care for him. I probably know that 'Nobody cares what I have to say'.

Love to you,


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