Hello my little munchkins! 

To Justin, if you're secretly reading this- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm so happy for you! It's been a long ride for you, and the Beliebers isn't it? But it's only the beginning. Just remember, wherever we are, we love you more than anything you could imagine and we'll forever stand by your side. You, and Us: Together Forever! xD

To You Beautiful Peeps: Also.. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TOO! (^_^) I'm finally turning 16! Yaaaay! I can't thank my mom enough for having me on March 1st. I was supposed to be born on March 3rd, haha! Oh and thanks for the 450K reads and 6K votes! It's amazing!

I love you guys. Let's just hope my birthday doesn't suck. (Lol..) #Sweet16 

- ♕ Birthday Girl xoxo. 

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