11)That time of the month! (Period!)

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"Owww" you groan a little, while you're sitting on the couch, holding your tummy. It's that time of the month, that gives you pain, and stress. "What's wrong baby?" Justin asks, with his hand over your shoulder. "Umm, I'm, you know, that time of the month." you say, a little hesitantly. "Well, I understand, But don't you think you should go take rest?" Justin says. "Nah, I'm okay, But i'm better when I'm with you." you say, holding his hand. He said "I'm taking you upstairs, and i'm staying with you, Okay?" and you nodded. 

He took you by your hand, and made you stand up. Your stomach was growling and was paining too much for you to walk upstairs. He quickly picked you up and took you upstairs. He put you on the bed, and put the blanket over you and sat beside you. "I hope you get better baby" he said, and you said "I'm getting better already" and smiled. You slept as soon as he took you in his arms, hugging you. 

The next morning, you said "Oh god, I gotta cook for him. Please relieve me from this pain. Damn it." and you woke up and walked into the room. "Oh My God" you said, looking at the table, which had your breakfast ready, with your coffee. And your clothes ironed, the kitchen clean.. it was like the whole home was new. 

"Good morning beautiful" Justin said, hugging you and giving your coffee. "Justin did you do all of this? I'm so surprised! God!" you said, happily. He said "Yeah, why not? Hey, I might be a boy but it doesn't mean i can't do these kinda stuff!" and he laughed. You said "Yeah, Okay! Defeat accpeted! You win!" and hugged him. 

He spent the whole day with you on the couch, watching your old videos, laughing and having fun. Justin wrapped his arms around you, in which you felt that the stinging pain your stomach, was now a tickling happy sensation. 

"I love you Justin" you said. "I love you more, baby" he said, hugging you and kissing you. "How do you feel now babe?" he asked and you replied "Like i'm having my period?!" you joked. He said "When your thing's over, I'm gonna make you feel much better with something only I can do. You said "Ahem! Okay!" and you hugged him.

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