Christmas Special

While reading, listen to: Fall, Catching Feelings and Mistletoe (All by Justin Bieber ofcourse!) 

You were sitting on the couch, feeling bored as ever on Christmas. The day was going as slow as possible, and you weren't coping up well with it. Your family wasn't with you, because of your college and couldn't make it for Christmas. Your mind was completely in a different world, and you weren't feeling normal. You never wanted to spend a Christmas without having someone to hold, and to love. But it still happened. You weren't dating anyone, and you were in love with your best friend- Justin Bieber. Inside, you knew he would never like you the way you do because you think you're not of his high standards, and not beautiful enough for him. He's a popstar.. why would he want you? 'He'd probably have his eyes out for someone who's a model, or a singer, or an actress but definitely not me' you thought to yourself. You were hopelessly in love with Justin, and spent endless nights crying over someone you can never have. He's been distant from you very lately, and that just makes it worst. 

Your heart fluttered as your eyes found the name 'Justin :)' flashing on the screen of your phone. You breathed in, and out to calm yourself as you took his call. 

You: Hey Justin, Merry Christmas!

Justin: Thanks Y/n, Merry Christmas to you too!

You: Yeah, thank you.

Justin: So, how's Christmas so far?

You: Lonely. Oops, I didn't mean to- Ugh, yes it's boring and lonely. 

Justin: Would it be okay if I kept company? I mean, shall I take you out?

You: Really? You must be busy.. I don't want you to do it out of sympathy..

Justin: Nope, it's not out of sympathy, Y/n. I'm alone, and I wanted to spend time with someone specia- I mean, someone like you.

You: Okay, then take me out!

Justin: Get ready, I'll be there in 20 minutes.

You: Yup. See you!

'Oh my god, Justin's taking me out!' You thought to yourself, and fan-girled inside. You ran into your room, and picked out the cutest outfit possible- A red dress, and a patterned Jacket to match it. You quickly changed, and started your make-up job. You curled your hair, and applied a little lip color, along with some eye-liner. You kept your make-up to minimum, and still managed to look pretty. 'Yes!' You cheered to yourself, as you squealed. 

You heard a car pull up, and you instantly knew it was Justin. You grabbed the present that you made for him. A beanie. It might not sound as fancy as a 'Rolex' or a 'Bleu De Chanel' but this beanie, was stitched with full of love- something that you can't find in a watch, or a perfume. It was a flesh-colored beanie, with 'J  B' embroidered in blush-color pink to match the light pink of the beanie beautifully. You made this for Justin long back, but didn't know whether it was right to give it or not and if he'll take it or not, because again, he's of high standards- out of reach. You were just done wrapping it in an attractive gift wrapper when he came to pick you up. You put it inside your purse, and headed out, locking the doors of your house. 

You walked towards the car, as Justin stepped out to greet you. He ran to your side, and stood with the door open for you. "Hi! Merry Christmas!" He cheered, and gave you a warm hug. You didn't want to let go, because it felt so good in his arms. But you had to, and you did. "Merry Christmas to you too Justin." You smiled at him, before you got into the car, next to him. He was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans, with a red and green plaided shirt that looked super cute on him. He was wearing a jacket, that matched it. He completed the whole Christmas look with red and green printed adidas shoes, that must've been custom made. Long story short, he looked like Christmas going on a walk. After both of you were done checking each other out, he decided to start. He pushed the key into the hole, and the car roared to life.

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