New Year Special Imagine:

Happy New Year my loves! I hope 2015 for you, is full of joy and happiness. Let's start over, and face our challenges, and learn from our mistakes. Cherish your loved ones, and give your love to every single person who means something to you. Don't give up on anyone, or anything because you're a champion. 2015 is your year. Bag it, and show everyone what you're capable of! This is a special imagine for your beautiful self! So read it without much further delay! 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Ooooooh!" You fangirled, watching Justin twirl and dance as he performed on the stage. Tonight, when the clock strikes 12:00 AM, 2014 will be over and 2015 will be born. You were too sleepy, and you wanted something that'll keep you awake. You decided to watch Justin's 'Believe' movie, so you can stay awake. You don't have to try, your eyes will widen when you see Justin. 

You love Justin to death and nothing anybody ever says or does can change that. Many people think your just another teenage girl going crazy over some good looking boy, day dreaming about him, crying to him in your mind at nights, hugging your pillow thinking its him, and what not? But they're wrong. You're more than that. Your feelings for Justin are strong. Just because you don't know each other personally, doesn't mean you don't care. You pray for him, every day. You hope his day is good. He's the first thing you think of every morning when you wake up. And when he's hurt, you're hurt too. Your friends think you're crazy, but you still don't care. You stand by Justin's side for all his decisions, and support him. You cannot imagine your life without Justin. It'll be a total waste, and of no value.

It was 11:58, and the movie was almost over. You decided to tweet Justin, wishing him a happy new year and all things good. 

You heard the countdown go, and you typed your tweet to Justin on Twitter.

"@justinbieber Happy new year! I hope 2015 works out good for you! May all your wishes come true! As usual, you're my new year's wish! #HappyNewYear"






You smiled, and pressed 'Tweet'. 

As soon as your tweet was sent, you forgot about it because there will be millions of Beliebers wishing him. It's not like you're any special. You wished your family members, and friends before going to sleep, praying this year is good for Justin. 




"Damn it!" You groaned, as you found your phone, buzzing and beeping not letting you sleep. You then found out all of those were from Twitter, and your heart pounded not knowing what the big matter is. 

"OH MY FUCKING GOD" You yelled, when you saw that Justin had retweeted your tweet, favorited, and followed you back. He even tweeted "Happy new year to everyone. Let #2015 be your best year. @Y/t/n was the first one to tweet to me. :)" You were on cloud nine, feeling so happy. He noticed you. He knows you exist. Your everything knows you exist. He tweeted to you too. What more can you ask for? You were in tears, when you knew that the one person you love so much to death has finally found you. 

A lot of happy Beliebers had retweeted your tweet, and you were so happy. Of all these years you tried talking to him, why 2015? Of all those tweets you sent him, why 2015? This year is lucky for you. This year will be full of happiness for you. There will never be a year like 2015 when you go down the memory lane. You put your phone to your chest as you happily cried. 

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