29) "Storybook Ending" (For Baylie)

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Dedicated to my beloved bestie, Baylie. <3 I love you so much, even though we don't know each other in real. 

You, live a life, that every girl wants. You have everything, fame, money, fans, and you also have every girl's dream boy, Justin Bieber, as the love of your life. How much more better can life get? You have been dating Justin, for the past 2 years, and it has been a complete bliss. You healed his broken heart. And he has shown you the finer things in life. 

Today is the day, when both your hearts are around each other's finger. Yes, you're getting married. To who? Him, Justin Bieber! There might be an age difference, but you guys just proved that the doubters are wrong. 

You and Justin have been the hottest news, on magazines, on TV, on twitter, on facebook, you name it. All of your fans and his Beliebers have been going crazy. You're having the world's biggest wedding. Trust me, it's happening for 2 days! Yes! And Justin invited all his Beliebers too! Which means that, half of America will be there for your wedding. Wow. And he is also inviting his fans from Indonesia, Japan, India, China, Russia, Canada. (He's flying them here!) And Hollywood people are coming too! (OMG, If I were you... Idk..) 

DAY 1: Party 

"You ready?" Justin asked you, as he wrapped his hands around your waist, resting his head on your shoulder, and looking at your beautiful self, at the mirror. Day 1 is a party. You are getting married tomorrow! So today is just going to be a PARTY! With performances, and events. He was wearing a Tux, and you were wearing a really cute dress, that matches with his outfit. You said "As I'll ever be!" and giggled.

He said "We're the hottest couple, ever." and you said "Yep, can't deny the truth!" and you both laughed. Pattie came into the room and said "I'm sorry to interrupt the little love scene going on in here, but you both need to get out. Guests are flooding in!" and You said "Oh god, I'm so excited!! We're coming!" and She left the room. Justin turned you around, and you both just stared into each other's eyes. He said "Give me a kiss" and you leaned in, but he cuts you off and said "In the cheek" and you kissed him, leaving a mark, with your lipstick.

 You said "Oh no, Justin you have lip color, I'll help you clean-" and he said "Nope, don't. Let them know." You laughed and said "You're weird!" He smiled and replied "Yep Yep" and you both go out, and welcome the guests. 

The party is happening in this hotel, and Justin had to book the hotel for 3 days. You both walk out, and cameras everywhere.. and the flashes were like lightning, leaving you blind everytime someone clicks a picture of you both. You said to Justin "I can't see.. It's making me blind." and He shouted out to those, "Guys! No Photos now! My wife is getting uncomfortable!" wait, did he say "my wife"? You're not married, Yet. 

You guys saw some performances, and had fun drinking and eating all kinds of junk. Meanwhile, you invited Selena too, because in nature, she's nice. She came to the party, and spent a few minutes with you. And when Justin came to see you, she left. He said "It's fine, She's gone for good." and you said "Okay" and went along with him. 

You both took pictures with EVERY single guest. Jayden? Taylor? Beyonce? Rihanna? Justin Timberlake? Vanessa Hudgens? Ashley Tisdale? Zac Effron? Miley? (And more!) As the party got over, you guys had a little family time. And then later, when everyone left, you guys headed up to your room. 

"Justin, I don't wanna walk 30 stairs up. And you're drunk.. Haha, you think we can make it?" You said, standing on the staircase. He said "Babe, you're drunk too..I don't wanna go in the elevator babe.." and you dragged him by his shiny coat, into the elevator. You both were laughing your arses out, for nothing. When you guys were in the fifth floor, he said "Babe! Did you listen to what Taylor said? 'I can't believe you're getting married!'" He mocked her, in a female voice. You threw your head back in laughter, and fell on him, pressing him against the side of the elevator. He wrapped his arms around you and laughed along. 

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