6)"Touch Barrier"

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Justin's P.O.V:

Oh my god. I'm breathless. (Your name)'s looking really gorgeous today. But it's just that, She never lets me touch her. She's like "Hey!, Hands off the merchandise". So, I taught, It's time to teach her a lesson, by breaking the Touch Barrier" 

                                                    (End of P.O.V)

You were cooking Pies in the kitchen when Justin came over to you, and whispered "Hey Gorgeous".

You said "Hey Baby!". He started something, which was off topic to you. He whispered, in a really aching voice "Have you felt this before? Lightning jolting down inside you, when you see something you really love, and you can't show it?" You were like "Huh?" He never stopped. He went on- "Have you had this feeling, You have all the pieces of the puzzle, they're perfect but you just can't feel satisfied? or When you love something too hard, You can't be alive without it? Have you baby?"

You said "What is it about?" He said "It drives me completely Insane and Crazy when I can't do it, and the others can do it."

You said "Umm, I don't understand" He said "You will. You will soon. I'm about to drive you nuts right now" You laughed. You said "Haha, something is bothering ya?" And he said nothing.

He went and switched on the Music, which had a really romantic song playing. You felt it pulsate through you. But you just didn't want to show it. And he came over and whispered in your ears, with the same aching voice, which seemed adorable- "Pies for me?" and You felt his hot breath's raging fire's heat grow on your hair, then your cheek.

You thought he'd hug you, or kiss you. But he didn't. Infact, you were getting cold every second he delayed. You said "Yeah-Yeah You. Only for Y-You".

He was looking at you wage a war against yourself, struggling. He laughed and danced around. That made you more weak. You said "Whatcha laughin' for?" he said "Nothing really..". You saw him bite his lip, You couldn't resist. You died. You shivered.

And he came closer and whispered "How's it going?" You said "Crazy. You're driving me crazy" He said "Uh, I asked about the pies, and I know you're getting crazy by the minute baby".You were able to smell his perfume, Because he was that close, and didn't touch you.

You got hypnotized by his moves, He was working through you. You said, "Come here" he said "No, My baby gets mad when I touch her".

You said "Damn" and You jumped on him and kissed him, Hugged him and hit his arm sarcastically.

He said "Do you understand now baby? Do you? This is how you drive me crazy everytime, Every single time" You said "I'm Sorry, I'm gonna make it up to you.." After this, You never was without touching him. Oh and the pies, They burnt.

Justin's P.O.V:

Finally, She learnt her lesson. I didn't know I could make her feel like this, that she stepped out of her own line.. Haha. She's always on my arms. She's like "Kiss me baby" and "Baby, I'm dying, Would you give that already?".. 


- Kinda Awesome right? Lol! ;)

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