Justin was home after 2 weeks. You both cooked lunch together. You guys were so tired, that you said "Baby, I'm gonna have a shower. I'll be back.". He said "Okay Babe. I'll go after you."

You had your shower and dressed up. You took your phone to see the time, when you saw that it had been 39 days since you got your period. You got a little worried. 

Justin had his shower and came back. He came into your room, and looked at you. He called your name "Ananya? Ananya!!?". You said "Yeah?". He asked "What's wrong? You've been combing your hair for like, an hour. You've been sitting here for long. What is it?" You said "It's been 39 days since I last got my period. It's 14 days late." 

Justin said "Umm, I get it. Maybe you'de get it anytime, Wait for it. Don't bury that beautiful smile for that baby, Don't. Now, come out, let's have lunch." 

You both eat your lunch, while you had the urge to throw up. You excused yourself from the table and threw up whatever you ate. Justin came in "Baby, you're not okay, are you?" with his hands around your waist. He also added "I'm taking you to the doctor." You agreed and left.


The doctor examined you. She asked Justin to come to her room. She said "Congratulations Justin!" Justin asked "For what?" The doctor said "Your wife's expecting a child!". Justin was so happy and he hugged the doctor. (Oh Dude! ;3)

Justin ran to you, He picked you up and spinned you around, But suddenly he said "Uh No, Sorry, I shouldn't be doing this actually." You said "What? Why did she call you inside? Am I sick?" He said "No Baby. You're alright. We 3 are alright." You looked at him a little weirdly. You said "We 3? It's only you, And m-" while He cut you off by saying "And our kid". "You're expecting our first child!" He screamed in joy. You said "Oh My God!" and you hugged him and Jumped and cried. He said "Sshh Shh baby. Don't jump." You both walked out, while Justin was holding your tummy with his warm hands. 


You guys take a picture for a magazine. You're standing with your belly bare, turned towards right, and Justin was holding it. 

There was a day, when the neighbors heard this- "Justin, I can't do this. It's really paining. I'm dying!" you scream. Justin holds your hand and says "Baby Ssh. No, Breathe. Calm down." And he puts you to sleep. 


There is news everywhere about you and Justin's first child. You're due in a day. You're not confident. You're scared. You're crying badly.While Justin is on his way home.


"Oh My God, I can't, No, I can't!!" You scream. Justin said "Baby, Ssh. Hush right now. Save your Energy. Don't, Don't shout. Ssh."

The doctors come in and send Justin out, because, The moment you were most afraid of was about to happen. 


I'm crying. I want to go inside and hold her hand. Wipe her tears. But I know, this is gonna end well. I can hear her scream my name, loud, louder and loudest. I can hear her crying. I can't take it. Suddenly, Our doctor said "Justin, come in. This can't happen without you talking to her. Stay with her. I'll give you a minute." 

I went in, and saw her tired face, She had been crying all the time. I held her hand, and I cried while I said "Listen Baby, You need to do this. I know you're scared. I am too. You know? When you scream my name, It gives me alot of pain. I need you for this. You need to, that's why you're the one carrying him. You're strong baby. Do it for me." 

The doctors thanked me, for something that was my duty. They told her- "Push, Push PUSH!" And I cried while I saw her trying so hard. I wanted to run from there. They said- "ONE LAST PUSH. PUUSSHH!" She screamed "JUSTIN!!" And, I couldn't believe my eyes. He was born. They gave him to me. I couldn't stop crying. She was unconcious. She'd wake up soon. I thank god, for giving me these two people. I wouldn't live without them. 

- OMG i love this. :D What about part 3?

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