You and Justin live in the same apartment. (I think you'll understand!) He's gone for a rehearsal. He came home, and said "Baby, I'm home!" With his really cute laugh.

You were dressing up after taking a shower, so you said "I'm in our room honey.."  He rushed in.. and called "(Ur Name)" with so much of excitement. You asked him "Is our favorite show on TV or something? Ya sound so excited..!" And he replies "You Look.. Umm.."

You just stare at him, your eyes open wide. He said "You look stun.. Stunning." And you giggle. Then you take him by his hand to the hall, and switch on the TV.

It was pretty cold outside. Justin said "I'm cold." with a low voice. You said "Do you need a sweater or a Blanket? I can get ya one." He said "I don't know.." staring at your outfit.

You were wearing a warm and soft, comfy Baggy Sweater type dress, which expands. You said "Come in.." and You both shared your sweater.

"Your really warm" Justin Said. "Mr. Bieber, I Love you.." you said, "Future Mrs. Bieber, I love you too.." He said. You guys hugged each other.. and fell asleep on the couch. 

- Might edit this soon. 

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