(NOTE: This is the PART 2 of 'A Really Romantic Game'. If you haven't read that, read it now or you won't understand the story. I've dedicated this to my friend, Makayla as she wanted an imagine and this was something similar to what she asked. Thank you! ;) Enjoy!)

Makayla's POV:

"Hi" Selena said. I was shocked. Justin looked at me, and I could tell he's tensed. I immediately pushed myself down, forcing Justin to let me down. He was shirtless and I didn't want Selena to him that way.. If she did, it might remind her of their own times. Well, Justin is a hopeless romantic. He gets so commited when it comes to love.. And when he is in love, he breathes love, he talks love, he lives in another world called 'Love'! And I'm experiencing it along with him.. And I don't want Selena to spoil that. 

"So.. Can I come in?" She asked. I said "Oh Umm, Yeah." and I stood in front of Justin.. Covering his bare chest, so that she doesn't see him. "One minute Selena" I said, and pushed Justin into our room. I told him "Justin, wear your shirt and then come out!" and I closed the door shut.

"So, why are you here?" I asked. I wasn't even concerned about her. Why would I? She replied, pushing her curly hair out of her face "Oh, I wanted to see Justin. I have to talk to him about something important." and I shrugged. I didn't want her to see him, and now she wants to talk to him? Anyways, I'm not going to be pushy. Let her just talk. Let's see what happens.

We both heard Justin close the door and walk towards us. Selena flashed a flirty smile across the room to him. He looked away and made eye contact with me. He sat beside me, with his hand holding mine. She was furious. Her eyebrows were up all the time.

"Why are you here?" Justin asked her. "Justin.. I want to talk to you.. I.." She started, and Justin cut her off by saying "Selena get it straight. We're done already. We've got nothing left between us." and I was getting confused! Why the hell is she here?

"Justin, can I talk to you alone?" Selena asked, and Justin looked at me. I understood and I said "Oh, umm, I'm tired.. I'm gonna.. Go" and Justin pulled my hand and said "Don't go anywhere. You're not someone else to leave, you're staying." and I sat down. 

Selena couldn't hold it in anymore and blurted "I'm Pregnant! Justin! You're the father!" and I could see him sweating bullets! He said "Selena, Stop lying. We didn't even have it." and I looked at him. Was he serious?

She started crying and said "Here! Read these reports! I have proof!" and she handed over these hospital reports and photos of him and her being... Close.. Intimate. I couldn't believe it. He just said they never had it! Did he lie?

He denied them all and said "Selena! That's not even me! Why are you doing this now!?" and she cried harder.. Weeping loudly.. She said "Justin! Stop lying! We had it just 3 months back! Makayla was not home that time.. She didn't know!" and I was dumbfounded. I and Justin have been dating for 3 years And they had it 3 months back? SHIT! 

I looked at him, with my eyes watery, "Justin? Is this true?" and he said "Makayla.. Don't believe her! We never had sex! And why would I when I have you!? You're my world! Makayla please!" and Selena said "Justin don't! She deserves to know! Don't!" and He yelled "Selena stop this shit. Why are you trying to separate us?" and she said "Oh!? I'm trying to separate you both? You're the shitty father of my child!"

I didn't want to hear anymore of this. I would be convinced even if it happened before we started dating. But I can't believe it. He lied. He betrayed me. He cheated me. He broke me. After all that we've been through.. this is really disturbing me. 

I ran inside our room. I shut it and I locked it. I changed my clothes and I packed my things. I'm not going to live with him anymore. I could hear him banging the door and yelling my name. I could hear her screaming his name. My world is coming to an end. I'm leaving this house.

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