It's been a month, since Justin left you, and your two kids- Tyler and Isabella to make performances. He calls everyday, and dedicates songs to your family, but that isn't what you need. Nothing can make you feel like how he makes you feel, when he's around. With him around, the house is full, happy, and complete. 

'Its 9:00 pm..' you think to yourself. Its exactly when he calls you. A second later, the phone rings. The screen vibrates and shows 'Justin Hubby calling'. A smile immediately appears on your face. You pick up the phone, and start talking.

Janith: Justin! Baby, how was your day?

Justin: Janith, baby I miss you so much. I can't explain the feeling. 

Janith: Well, on that issue, we're on the same side. Justin wait, Isabella wants to talk to you since morning. 

Isabella: Daddy!! 

Justin: Hey sweetie, do you miss me?

Isabella: Yesh daddy! I do! I missh you so much! I love you! 

Justin: Awww, baby, I miss you too. Daddy will be back home soon. Can you hand over the phone to your brother darling? 

Isabella: Yes daddy. I love you. *Muah*

Tyler: Daddy? You promised me that you'll teach me to build a tree house! 

Justin: Yes buddy, I did. I will be back soon, and we can have fun building a tree house.

Tyler: I miss you daddy. Come back home.. I feel alone without you daddy!

Justin: Aww buddy, I will come home soon. Don't miss me much son. Can you give the phone to your pretty mom?

Tyler: Yeah daddy, I'll give it to her. Bye! Bye!

Janith: Yes Justin? Finally, these two can have a peaceful sleep. 

Justin: Yep, I heard them say how much they miss me. I can't wait to be back home. I miss the feeling. I'm dying for your love. I'm waiting to be back in your arms baby, I do. I love you so much.

Janith: You know Justin, I feel the same. But it just seems too much to handle! How can we lead lives apart from each other? 

Justin: Janith baby, I'm coming home tomorrow.. 

Janith: You are??! Oh my god, Justin! I can't believe it! The kids will be so happy to hear this!

Justin: Sssh! Babe! Don't let the kids know! It'll be a sweet surprise!

 Janith: Okay babe! I think that's sweet! I'll see you in the morning, I love ya. 

Justin: I love you more babe. I can't wait to see you. 

"Tyler? Isabella? Go to sleep now, you don't want to be waking up feeling all tired and irritated, right? Go now sweeties, go to sleep." You said, hiding that smile on your face, thinking of how great they would feel when he comes home. 

"Okay mommy" Both of them said, and went into their rooms. You followed them, and tucked them under their sheets, and kissed their foreheads, wishing them a good night. You too went to bed, after hearing this, happily. 

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