Hi my little beauties! 

Happy Valentine's Day my little gummy bears! Yeah, it's February 14th already!

Thank you so much for 423K reads and 5.6K votes. It's truly amazing, and unbelievable. You guys are incredible and I feel so honored to have you guys around. I love each and every one of you, for the kind of dedication you have towards my books and all the encouragement you provide. Your love and support is much appreciated! :) 

Also, I need a little advice from all of you.. since it's Valentine's Day, it's obvious about Love. First of all, this can be so hard to believe, but it's true. Let's just say it's coincidence that everything is put together this way. 

There is this boy called Justin. And no, it's not our man Justin Bieber. It's just a coincidence. This boy I said- Justin, is a close friend of mine. He's like my secret crush. Let me tell you about him: He's extremely good-looking, and my best friend drools over him everytime he waves at me or something. He's sweet and nice to everyone, but when it comes to me, he's just too sweet and caring. When I was teased for writing Imagines, he stood up for me and fought for me. He called me in the middle of the night to find out if I was doing okay, because I wasn't feeling well. He randomly jumps in and hugs me out of nowhere. He keeps glancing at me in class. He won't stop smiling while I'm talking to him. He's about one year elder to me. He keeps complimenting me everyday, and tells me that I'm beautiful inside out. He started wearing snapbacks, just because I love it when our man Justin (Bieber) wears it. He calls me 'Princess', and it makes me feel special because he doesn't call any other girl like that. He's always there for me too. I..I just have a feeling it's all too good to be reality. 

Whenever he's around me, I feel so damn nervous I can't even talk. My knees feel weak, and I feel dizzy. Damn those butterflies. When I talk to him, I have the habit of looking into his eyes. And when I do, I forget what I'm talking and he ends up goofily smiling at me. Whenever I lie about being 'fine', he just sits there staring at me. And I don't know what happens, I blurt out the truth. He reads me like a book. I feel so vulnerable and open around him. I feel like I've known him all my life. I can't stop thinking of him. I can't help blushing all the time when he's around me. I don't know what's happening to me. I don't know if it's love or I'm just infatuated with his looks, because that boy is sure that one guy every girl in our school just drools for. 

What should I do? What's happening to me? Please help me. Pretty please? Feel free to ask me anything, so you can help me! 

♛ Anya ♛

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