65) "A Prince Without His Princess"

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"I'm really on a hurry right now, can you please get this billed?" You said, standing in Starbucks holding alot of bags. You were going to visit Justin, your best friend of 5 whole years. Justin loves coffee from Starbucks, and you wanted to see him smile. His life wasn't exactly all unicorns and rainbows. He got divorced 2 years back, from his so called wife. She was having a relationship with some other man, and Justin was so torn to know that. That disrespectful woman didn't just leave him, she left their daughter of 4 years with him. Atleast, she took the right decision. If the little girl was with her, she would've got spoilt. 

As soon as you paid for the coffees, you got into your car, and drove to Justin's place. Justin was no more that man this world used to know. He was different. He concentrated fully on music, and his daughter. His daughter is his whole world. She's what keeps him going. You stopped the car as soon as you reached, and got down, grabbing the bags. You knocked the door, and Justin opened it, with a smile on his face, and a messy hair.

"Hello Mr. Bieber!" You cheered, and embraced him in a warm hug. "Hey, let me help you with that." He said, and grabbed the bags you were holding. 

"Daaaaadddy, don't go! I love you!" You heard a small, cute, and chirpy voice along with quick footsteps. Justin smiled at you, and yelled "I love you too, and look who's here baby!" and you both walked into the house. 

"Y/n! Oh my god Y/n's here!" She screamed, and ran to you with her arms open. "Hey daddy's lil princess, how are you sweetie?" You asked, bending down and picking her up.

"I'm good, I missed you." She said, and hugged you tight. God, her eyes, her lips, her jaw, her hair are all from Justin. There isn't one feature from his ex-wife, thank goodness. "Me too, baby. I got you some things. Okay, alot of things!" You said, and she giggled. 

You put her down, and handed her bag after bag, saving the Starbucks for last. As she was seeing what was inside the bags, then screaming in joy, you made a conversation with Justin. 

"What happened to your hair? World War three?" You joked, and laughed by yourself. "That little princess right there, pulled my hair and made it messy." He said, and chuckled.

"What did you guys do?" You asked, trying to set his hair right. "We fought." He breathed out, his eyes looking at his feet. "You guys what?" You asked him, thinking it'll be some silly playful fights. "We fought Y/n. She brought something up about.. her." He said, and looked at your face. 

"Forget that, but she pulled your hair for that?!" You asked, changing the topic and laughing. "We both were laying down, and she just kind of, pulled it because I was not defending her." He said, and chuckled. "That's so cute! It shows how close you two are!" You cooed. He smiled, and looked at her, just like you did. 

"Oh my god, Y/n! You got me a princess gown! Oh my god!" She yelled, holding the dress in her small hands. "Yes I did, sweetie, wanna try it on?" You asked her, smiling. "Yes!" She cheered, and dragged you into her room.

Justin started "Hold on princess, daddy's coming t-" 

"No! Girls only!" She screeched, and shut the door. 

You helped her change into the gown, and she was so excited. She thanked you again and again for that dress. You opened the door, and did a little drum roll. "All hail to princess J/d/n*!" You said, and she walked in like one. (J/d/n- Justin's daughter's name)

"Whoa, who's that gorgeous little lady right here?" Justin cooed, and picked her up. "It's princess J/d/n!" You said, and patted her back.

Justin hugged his little girl tightly, while he whispered to you "Y/n, you really didn't have to buy-"

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