Chloe's P.O.V:

"Babe, you ready?" Justin cooed from downstairs. "Yeah, Justin, I'm coming!" I answered him from upstairs. "Not bad" I whispered to myself, as I looked at the mirror in front of me. I wore some cream colored skinny pants, a red laced top, and some red pumps. I wore a low pony-tail, and did a little make-up. 

Justin was taking me to watch him learn boxing with Floyd, Floyd Mayweather. I personally thought Boxing was really masculine, and extremely sexy. Little did he know, that I'm so fond of this sport. I walked downstairs, to find Justin wearing some white trousers, and a t-shirt, along with some shades. "You're gonna be a major distraction babe." He said, looking into my eyes. "Why is that so?" I asked him, as I pulled him for a hug. 

"Because you look too sexy in just anything, but sexier in nothing." He whispered near my ears. "Oh, is that so Bieber?" I said, smacking his hard abs lightly. He laughed, like I did, and moved out of the house. We got into the car, and drove to the destination.

"We're here" He said, and parked the car. He got out, and so did I. He took my hand in his, as we walked towards the door. When we got inside, I was like 'Is He Training Here?' as I looked at the rugged walls, and the boxing ring- So monstrous. 

"Justin!" I heard Floyd say, and snapped my head at his direction. "Yo Floyd!" Justin said, as they hugged. "This is Chloe.." Justin said, as his hand reached my waist, pulling me to his side. "Hi.." I said, shyly looking at the man of wrath in front of me. Trust me, I've watched him box and one- He so talented, there is no one he can't defeat. Two- He's gonna kill Justin, if he trains him. 

"Nice to meet you, Chloe. I was told alot about you." Floyd said, bringing me out of my thoughts. "Oh, haha." I said. "Come on Justin, we've gotta start now." He said, walking to the ring. "Watch me baby" Justin said to me, as he gave me a flying kiss from the boxing ring. I watched them both wear their gloves, and change their shoes, and Justin throwing his shirt off. 

I saw Floyd instructing Justin, asking him to do that, do this, and I thought to myself- 'This is not bad' until I saw Floyd throwing a punch to Justin's face. What the hell was Justin doing instead of blocking him!? I gasped loud enough for them both to hear, and saw them looking at me awkwardly. I whispered "Sorry, go on." and they resumed.

Floyd, repeatedly punched him in the gut, and threw him to the corner, on the floor. Justin was standing there, doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not even blocking him. I saw his face scrunch up, as he fell to the floor holding his stomach. He was trying to breathe, and Floyd kicked him with his foot, right there, in his gut once again. 

"JUSTIN FUCKING DO SOMETHING!" I yelled, without thinking. "Man up Justin, and hit me back!" Floyd said, waiting for Justin to stand up on his feet. He didn't. He laid down there, breathing hard. I couldn't watch this shit anymore, and I walked to Floyd, and said "Why did you hit him? He's not getting up!". He was silent. "Its called Training, Chloe." He answered. When I touched Justin to help him up, Floyd told me "Step back, don't help him. Don't touch him, Chloe." and I lost it. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN?" I yelled a little. "I'm telling you to move away from him." He answered. "Fucking hell." I whispered, and ran to where I was sitting.

Justin sat up, and I knew he was better than how he was a few minutes ago. He drank some water, from the bottle. He smiled at me from the boxing ring, with a little blood on its way from his nose. I couldn't hold any of my feelings in any more, because once again, I saw Floyd punching and kicking Justin while Justin did nothing to stop him. He didn't even hit him back. 

I stood up from my chair, and I just walked out. I couldn't see him even 'training' this way. "Chloe!" I heard Justin yelling from inside, followed by a loud groan coming from him. I guess Floyd punched him in his gut again. I sat in the car, looking at my watch, waiting for the time to finally tick 2:00 PM. I turned on the radio, and waited for Justin to come back from something Floyd calls 'Training'. 

 - - - - - - - - - End of Chloe's P.O.V - - - - - - - - -

Justin's P.O.V:

"Chloe!" I called her, as she walked out. "Okay, lets take a break." Floyd said, handing me over some Gatorade. I simply nodded as I drank some of it. "Justin?" Floyd said. "Yeah, man?" I replied. "Don't ever bring Chloe again." He told me. I was kind of shocked, not knowing why he said that. "Why?" I asked him. "Because, Justin.. She is a distraction. You were so good at all the other trainings we've ever done. And she can't even stand to watch you get punched." He completed. "Man, that's because she loves me.." I told him. "Well, Justin, She's your weakness. And weakness means you'll lose." He told me. I nodded and left the conversation hanging.

We resumed and trained for about 30 minutes more, and I told him its enough for the day, mainly because my body is in excruciating pain, and I certainly doubt if there is a tomorrow for my world. I walked slowly outside and towards the car to find Chloe sitting in the car, listening to some music. 

She came out of the car, and ran to me. She hugged me and like an idiot I winced in pain. "Are you hurt?" She asked me. "No, No, I'm fine." I said, and got into passenger's seat. "Baby, please drive." I told her, and she agreed. She was so angry the whole time, you should've seen her face. Her hands were grasping the steering wheel so tight, her knuckles were almost white. 

"Chloe baby?" I cooed, as she parked the car, and opened her door to get out. I slowly got out of the car, and followed her inside the house. She hurriedly went into the bedroom we shared, and slammed the door shut. Oh shit, What'd I do? 

I patiently, sat on the couch, waiting for her return. I switched on the TV, trying to while away the time, but I dozed off instead. I suddenly felt a pair of lips press against mine, and I opened my eyes to find Chloe. "Justin.." She breathed out. "Yes baby?" I said. "Would you like a massage?" She asked me; giving me her hand. "Why not?" I said, and smirked. 

She led me into the room; and slowly took off the shirt I was wearing. She pulled my pants down a little, enough to reach the band of my innerwear. I laid down on my stomach on the bed, and I instantly felt two hands touching my shoulders. She had some massage gel; and applied it from my shoulders; making her way down to the end of my spine. The pain was simply unbearable. "OH SHIT" I whispered loud enough for her to hear. "Its hurting isn't it?" She asked me. "Nah" I said, and nodded my head 'No'. She gave me a half-smile and went on with her work. 

I was now on my back, with her hands applying proper pressure on my abs. Slowly, her hands found their way to my gut, and I lost it. "CHLOE!" I yelped in pain; as I watched her eyebrows furrow. "You're right baby, I lied. It does hurt." I whispered lowly. "Justin, please.." She said and laid down next to me. "Please what sweety?" I asked her. "I can't watch you get hurt! Not even when you're learning or, or tr-training! Okay!? If you still want to do it then don't take me there!" She almost screamed, and her face was full of sadness.

"Okay baby, I won't, alright?" I said to her, calming her down. Geez, Its so cute actually, I can actually feel her love. She's the one for me. Well, thats what they say. All those little things, sum up to one big thing. "I love you" She said; kissing my cheek. "I love you too, and do you mind doing it again on my lips instead?" I said, and winked at her. "I'd love to." She said, and kissed me again. "I feel much better babe, thanks. Now you ready?" I said; "You're welcome.. but why should I be ready?" She asked me. "I'll make you feel better now!" I said, and beginned our endless night. 

Sometimes little things we do, can be the biggest things they'll cherish forever in their hearts.

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