44) "The Biebers" (For Jada)

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Jada's P.O.V:

"I'm ready" I said, as I straightened my outfit in front of Justin. Thousands of unanswerable questions for running in my mind. Words were clashing. My breath was feverish. I was nervous, as Justin was taking me to meet his family for lunch, for the first time.

"What if they don't like me?"

"Will they think I'm not good enough for Justin?"

I thought to myself. "Babe?! Are you okay?" I heard Justin's voice snap me back to normalcy. He vigorously shook me, as I came in contact with his eyes. "Yeah, I'm-I'm okay." I said, as I smiled. "Good." He replied, as he a ear-splitting grin was plastered over his face. He grabbed my hand, and entwined his with mine, as we walked to the car.

We both buckled up, and soon, I heard the car roar to life. The same thoughts were running in my mind over and over again. I couldn't focus on anything, but that. "Baby, stop worrying about them. They're gonna love you!" Justin said, looking at me. "How can you say so?" I asked, with a touch of negativity, but I didn't intend to add that to it. "Because,.." He said, and continued as he pointed to himself- "This Bieber here, loves you so much. I can guarantee, those Biebers there will do too." I giggled, hearing his words. This guy, right here.. I love him, Oh gosh.

We reached their house in the blink of an eye. Justin got out of his seat, and opened the door for me, as he held out his hand for me. I took it, and we moved towards the entrance of their house. I saw Jeremy's car, I guess he came down to Pattie's to see us, most importantly me.

I took a deep breath, as Justin knocked the door. I held his hand tighter, after hearing the footsteps come closer to the door. I saw the handle go down, and the door opened, revealing a bright, Oh-so-familiar face..Pattie. I've only seen her pictures and heard her voice."Baby!" I heard her yell, and hug her son tightly. "Hi Jada, come in!" She continued, as her hand grasped mine, and pulled me inside. 

I was too overwhelmed at the sight of his warm-hearted family. I saw Jeremy walking towards us, and then he hugged Justin, again. "How are you, buddy?" He asked him. "I'm doing great dad!" He said, as he looked my way. I smiled, and looked at the ground. "I'm Jeremy" His father told me, as though I didn't know. "I'm Jada, I'm Justin's girl-" I started, only to get cut off by his words- "Girlfriend". "Yep." I replied, as I smiled at him.

"Oh my god, she's here Jax! She's over there!" I heard a voice. "Jazzy, you were right she's so pretty!" I heard another voice, and I instantly figured it out. It was his siblings- Jazzy and Jaxon. I heard their footsteps, and saw their tiny little figures run to Justin, launching themselves at him. "Justin, I missed you so much!" Jazzy said, and Jaxon continued- "Justin, I want to go swimming again!". It was too cute to handle. I smiled again, like an idiot. 

He was carrying both of those cuties, and whispering something to them. I watched Jazzy looking at me at the corner of her eye, and then smiling. She was holding Justin's shirt, as she smiled innocently at me. "Say hi baby, she's nice.." I heard him whisper. "Hi Jada" She said, shyly, and waved at me. "Hi Sweetie" I replied, doing the same, as her. Before I could talk to her, Jaxon was pulling my outfit, and I bent down to his level. "Can I hug you Jada?" He asked me. "Ofcourse you can!" I said, and I hugged him tight, picking him up from the ground. 

I put him down, and picked up Jazzy this time. "You're very pretty Jada" She said, and leaned her head on my shoulder. "Thank you sweetheart.." I replied, and rubbed my hands over her back. I love these kids already! Justin was smirking at me, standing there, watching these two kids, and myself. I blushed.

"Come on guys, lunch is ready!" I heard Pattie, and looked over at her. "We'll be there" I replied. "Oh and Jada, come with me for a second, please?" She asked me, and she looked at Justin. He nodded his head, and I went with her, while the others moved to the table set outside in the lawn with all the food. 

We both went into a room, and we sat down. "Justin is so lucky to have you, Jada." She started. "I think its the other way, I'm so blessed to have him." I said, in response.  She chuckled, and smiled at me. "I was scared my son was going the wrong way. I was afraid he was going to destroy his own life. But then, you came into it. I can't thank you enough for it Jada, I don't know how. You both were born to be together. And I will support every decision that you guys make.." She said, teary eyed. "Thank you so much Pattie.." I whispered, not knowing what to say at this emotional moment. 

We soon exited the room, and sat down at our table. It was just the six of us, Me, Justin, Pattie, Jeremy, Jazzy and Jaxon. We had fun chatting, and laughing our arses out. The food was great. Suddenly, Justin raised his glass, and proposed a toast. Well, it wasn't exactly a 'toast'. He pulled me out of the chair, and stood in front of me. I was nervous, not knowing why he was doing this.

He held my hand, and looked directly into my eyes, making my heart race like never before. I was thinking people could see my heart beating so fast. His hands were sweaty, and he was nervous about something. He started "Jada, I-I..," and he choked. How cute! He blushed too. He continued- "Jada, look, I-I umm, We've been in this wonderful relationship for 4 years now, and I can't wait anymore. I love you so much. We did have ups and downs, and fights where we both walked away, but came back running to each other. I want to be your only man. I want my last name to be there in yours. I want to wake up under you everyday. I want to show you how much I love you. I want to have as many kids as possible with you. I want to hold you, and be there for you until my last breath. All I'm asking you is, Jada, will you marry m-m-me?" and He knelt down, holding a red box with the most beautiful diamond ring inside it. I froze.

I didn't know what to do. I looked around, seeing all of those faces bright, and smiling at me. They all said "Say yes, come on Jada, yes..". I didn't know what to do. He asked me to marry him! HE DID!  Tears were gushing out of my eyes, and I couldn't control them. I shook my head up and down as I almost screamed "Yes! Yes! Yes! I will Justin! I will marry y-you!" I couldn't take it. He slipped the ring onto my finger. 

He got up and we kissed, and hugged each other tightly. Suddenly I felt woozy and had the urge to throw up. My eyes were closing, and a split second later, everything went black. 

"Babe, wake up." I heard someone say, with a touch of worry in their tone, and a low chuckle after that. "Mmm" I replied, finding out that it was Justin, sitting by my side, running his hands in my hair. I felt him place a kiss on my shoulder, and I smiled. I slowly opened my eyes, and figured out I was in his bed. I hurriedly pinched myself, and searched for my ring. It was there. I was scared it was all a dream. "You thought it was a dream babe? Aww." I heard him coo. I blushed as I nodded. I asked him "Why, did I pass out?" and He replied "Yep, you did. I think it was too much of a shock you found it hard to believe, or maybe you were just too happy at the moment, but you did." 

"Oh my gosh, am I going to be called Mrs Bieber?" I asked him, like a child. He said "Yep." and kissed me. I felt so loved. I'm going to get married to JUSTIN FREAKING BIEBER the love of my life! YAAAAAAY!

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